Working full time and taking Gabapentin


This is my first post on here and although similar threads are out there, I wanted to ask if there are any full time workers out there who take gabapentin and how they’ve found it. Does it affect work if taken in the morning? I work in an office so don’t operate machinery or drive for a living!

I currently take it at night only, but with a view to begin taking it in the day and coming off co-codamol. Has anyone else had anything similar? What are your experiences?

Much appreciated, thank you :slight_smile:


I currently work full time and take Gabapentin, but only the minimum dose of 100mg at night because I find it too sedating and I have to drive the next day to work. I’ve been told I can increase the dose up to 300mg at a time, but can only just tolerate 100mg so increasing isn’t really an option for me.

It’s not ideal because I also need pain relief during the day but haven’t found any alternative that would enable me to function at work and drive, so currently I just put up with the pain, but I recognise this may not always be possible.

Hi eastendgirl Thanks for your reply. It’s hard to know what to do for the best really isn’t it?! I currently take 200mg at night and although it helps with the night pain so I sleep better, I do feel it makes me a bit groggy in the morning. However, I’ve only been taking it for about a week, which is why I was interested in other people’s experiences. I hope you find something that suits you for the day though. One day can be very different from the next, so it’s good to have something that can help in the day that isn’t going to knock you out. Take care and thanks again :slight_smile: