Hi all

I have been put back on gabapentin. 1 week in on 1200mg daily. It’s starting to help with the pain, but seems to be giving slightly restless sleep and really vivid dreams. Just wondered if anyone else had experience similar?

thanks, L x

Oh yes, dreams did become really vivid, not alway bad just odd and very real!

I have came down from 3700mg to1800mg daily and then my doctor adised dropping one of the last pills in the evening and replacing it with Amitriptyline which has certaily helped me get off to sleep.

It should get better!


Thanks Jason. At first I thought it may be a one off but it’s been every night for the past 4. I’ve just been waking up in the night and morning feeling ‘weird’ from it. I can go up to 2100mg but going see if 1200mg can hold me for now.

Crazy drugs ey!? :slight_smile:

Hi, I had similar problems but they disappeared after a couple of weeks. I find them effective for nerve pain, so try to persevere, hopefully the relief you get will make it worth while.