Working from home

Hi all, Im looking to work from home, Im starting from scratch and looking at maybe something like data entry. My M.S is a real physical roller coaster and a commute to my laptop on the sofa is fine but a commute to a place of work would just end up with me having to sleep for hours. I also support my autistic son with his work so I need to be at home for that. Does anyone do this sort of work, is it even a thing or did I dream it?. any advice would be much appreciated. I have just given up working in the Post office (only a couple of hours a week) as it just got to much and I couldn’t guarantee that I’d be able to do specific hours, but im hoping that something that I could fit in anytime from my sofa would mean I could keep going.

cheers BC x

Hi BC, Don’t know a specific job, but you could contact Access to Work to see if they have any suggestions? Access to Work: get support if you have a disability or health condition: What Access to Work is - GOV.UK George

Thank you George

Hello Barnabycrumble, There are a couple of options because every year more and more jobs become available from home. For example, you can be a remote customer support representative, a freelance writer, interpreter, content editor, etc. Data entry is also a good idea. Actually, you can look on top 20 most popular remote job titles here

Hello, the travel agency which my company uses (part of a very well known international group for booking low cost hotels/flights etc - won’t mention the name as it would probably be removed) has ‘agents’ working from their homes. I assumed they worked from a call centre, but most of them seem to be home based. They book flights, sort out issues, give advice etc. Quite interesting I would have thought. Mouse