Work ...?

Sorry, me again!!

I’m in a bit of a pickle with work. I am struggling quite badly now. Have slowly beein getting worse, but work has become almost unbearable!

The biggest problem is I am self employed!! :frowning: So there is no one I can ask for help! I can’t afford to pay anyone, in fact I’m not even covering my overhead at the mo, never mind a wage for me!!

I’ve applied to Access to Work, as someone on here advised, and they’ve told me I am entitled to help and an assessor will contact me, but other than a healthly version of me being cloned I don’t think they’ll be able to help!

I am a photographer, and my job is taking photographs in my studio. And I just can’t do it anymore! I had 2 shoots on Sunday, (yesterday) and they killed me. I didn’t have the energy to drive home!! After a rest I got home and crashed on the couch. And still been on the couch most of today!

But it’s not just the energy, although thats a big part - As I crawl on the floor with the kids, run round after them on the set, and move around a lot. PLus moving lights around, changing backgrounds etc. Also the energy it takes to get kids laughing isn’t an easy feat!! Even the parents are knackered when they leave sometimes! It wipes me out!! Other than the energy part, my legs don’t want to work as they did any more, so crawling round on the floor, or climbing ladders (which I very often do) are proving very difficult!

Even the editing process in front of the computer can cause problmes. It’s tiring and tedious, so also wipes me out then triggers migraines.

I feel the only option is to pack it all in… But 2 reasons…

1: I really don’t want to!!

2: I am tied in to contracts, so if I do leave I still have to pay a lot out!! Which I don’t have!

I am trying to turn the business around a bit and focus on selling props and templates to other photographers, which I can do but would take time to set up. And then possibly rent out the studio every weekend to other photographers to help pay my overheads… But it still all takes energy. And I just don’t have any!!

Any ideas anyone??


It must be heartbreaking, having to think like this about the business you have built for yourself and still love. I am sorry that you are in this fix.

How cast-iron are the penalty clauses in your contracts? Are these customers hard bastards, or do you think you could come to a civilized arrangement with them, given your circumstances? I suppose the only way to find out is to ask them, but that involves putting your cards on the table, and that is probably professional suicide unless you have already decided for sure that you are going to pack it in. All so difficult. I guess what I’m trying to suggest is that you sit down and plan an exit strategy, so that you at least know what one might look like, and when would be the best time. You are so right - sod’s law says that the time you have least energy to spare to think things through is when you need it most.

Thinking of you.



Thanks Alison.

Yes it’s very tough… I am going to write a few different ‘choices’ today. Really sit down and think about it. The only problem is my head (and the rest of my broken body) are fighting against my heart!!


I am sorry Jules that you are facing all this. It is a really tough problem when you are self employed. I guess you may need to re think your work, and even think about packing it all in. Why not wait until the work assessor comes round and see what they say? But I suppose you really do need to think hard about your choices before that.

I am not being much help I know, but want you to know that I am thinking of you

Paula xx

Can access to work help?


I’ve applied for Access to Work, they’ve told me I am entitled to help and are going to send an assessor to see me… but I just don’t know how they can help. It’s me that does the photo shoots… other making a healthy clone of me to do them!! Also, the editing, it’s only me that does that! I could train someone else to do it, then it wouldn’t be me!! There isn’t enough money to be made (unless you’re really high end!) to pay someone else. Then even if I did, then they may as well do it them selves!

I think I’m stuffed!!


This might be a daft idea, but might it be possible to get a photography student to help you for nothing - a kind of work experience thing? Or maybe more than one? I really hope you can work something out. Karen x

Not a daft idea Karen… a very valid one… It’s definitely worth a try…

[skoots off to post advert for student on my photography facebook page…]

Thanks Karen !!

Julie x

Posted!!! If interested, have a look…

Will let you know the outcome


Just a quick update and a thanks to karen… I’ve got a voluntary assistant coming to see me today and is willing to help out a couple of days a week!!

This will definitely help out in the short term, as I have photo shoots booked in and was panicking over them. She can help with changing backgrounds and moving lights, and hopefully help with getting little ones to giggle (hard work that one!) So although it probably looks like I will have to terminate my business in the end. Its definitley good advice in the interim!

Thanks again Karen!


great news Jules!

Karen is pretty amazing isn’t she :smiley:


WOW! That’s brilliant news :slight_smile:

Amazed it worked tbh :slight_smile:

Now all you have to do is get another one to do all the editing!