Working with PPMS

Hi everyone.  I normally post in the limbo bit as I'm not officially dx'd although it's pretty certain I have PPMS (negative test results wont allow me a dx)

Anyway, the reason I am in here is to ask who still works and how do you cope??  

I am a self employed photographer with my own studio, and although I've been ill for about 5 years, just lately I seem to be on a faster decline and I am struggling!

In my studio, I'm on the floor, then up a ladder, running around changing backgrounds etc and I am really struggling doing it.  And getting out of breath!!  (New to me! Not sure if MS related??)

How do you cope if you still work, and if your job does have a bit of a physical element to it..  I am self employed so if I don't work I don't get paid!!  Plus it's not as if I can ask to be put on lighter duties!

I am struggling and am worried!!  

Any advice??

Thank you

No idea at all re the work aspect.

Is it possible to get someone to help with the physical aspects of the job.There are many young people desperate for work who could fit it around college/school...I have two teenagers can you tell.

I know paying someone cuts your profits but its better than no work...I see you have kids,could you get them to work for their pocket money,if you kept the work that you struggle most with until they could come and help??   Go on tell me they are 2and 4!!!!

The local uni or college may jump at the chance of work placements.

The main thing is to sort your new medical issues out first.

Take care


In addition to the ideas Pip has suggested, you may find Access to Work helpful: