Work issues

Morning all from a damp but almost a tad of blue sky Andover!

So just a bit of advice from anyone please…

In my job I am required to travel to other sites numerous times a week. My problem is that when I was first diagnosed was because I lost the strength in my legs. I never fully regained the use of my left leg and hence can no longer push a clutch down in a car. I managed at great expense to change my personal car to an automatic - but I dont have my car all the time as my partner has to use it for the kids and stuff. So everyone else that does my job in different parts of the country has a company car, I also had one - a manual. I have been trying to get them to change it to an auto for about 2 years now and it just isnt happening.

I am now at the point where I think I will have to call my union in for help - I can no longer travel to places so cannot fulfill my role properly and my work is suffering. My immediate line management chain are absolutely fantastic and have made everything they can happen - they are also fighting for this car, and my manager when he has time will happily drive me to my sites - but I shouldnt have to rely on that. Yesterday I was told it wouldnt happen as the dept that buys the cars have been set targets to lower CO2 emissions and lower their budget blah blah blah. I would never want to leave this job as they truly are beyond supportive and fantastic with all my medical appointments and they day off I have each month to receive my Tysabri infusions. It really is the bigger HR mill that are causing me issues.

Is this discrimination? I dont really know where I stand now.

Any advice would be welcome.

Hi Hayley,

One thing is certain darlin; please do not take a chance with driving. I hate to be the Devils advocate but if you had an accident the consequences too grave to think about.

First I would suggest you put in for DLA; ring 0800 882200 for the forms. If you get awarded high rate mobility component you will be eligible for a brand new auto. This unfortunately takes time and to be honest reading your message I don’t think you will get it but you never know.

Then there’s something now that changes a manual into an auto. Contact or or that can asses what driving adaption’s you may need.

Good luck


Thanks George. I get higher rate DLA - have done for some time, but I was awarded this after I changed my own car to an auto - plus my partner uses our car more than me for his own stuff and i dont think he would be able to if I had a DLA car?. It just wouldnt be feasible to use my own car for work - and i dont see why i should have to. no-one else does - the type of work I am in means there can be security implications in using your own personal car - hence why we all got company cars for work use only. if i used my personal car i wouldnt be able to take it onto the sites i visit (security). only company approved vechiles can enter the sites. i will take read of the links above tho!

thanks again