Work and stress

I was dx with MS 10 yrs ago and have been working for the same organisation (LA) for 15 yrs. I have recently disclosed my MS to HR following an ‘informal’ review of my sick leave triggered by the Bradford factor. The review in itself was distressing as my manager is inexperienced and the person from HR had not dealt with this before. (See my previous post)

I was so upset by the way I was treated and spoke with someone above my manager, she had a word with the person in HR when she had an opportunity after a meeting along with another in HR. I think she also spoke with my manager.

Following that my sickness will be reviewed in 3 months. But then they arranged for another meeting with my manager, HR, unison rep and myself. I think they want to be seen to be doing everything by the book. Luckily I am now a member of unison (last time my friend/colleague came). They went through OH report and reasonable adjustments they were making.

Last weekend I was not feeling well but went to work as I didn’t want to take sick leave after what had been said. So I’m getting by and on Tues afternoon some of us including my manager had a catch up with colleagues to review some procedures.

There is a particular member of staff in the meeting who is very dry, thinks he’s funny, could easily offend, nearing retirement. I can usually deal with him but by Tues afternoon was tired out and not 100%. So he was saying his usual like ‘lisa why are you so horrible to me’ to which I said ‘no you’re the one that’s horrible’ but I was taken aback when he said something about me ‘bringing your personal problems to work’.
Anyway in the discussion I agreed to send some letters for this person. My manager was present during all this.

After the meeting went back to my desk but I was thinking about what he had said to me about bringing my problems to work which had upset me. There were a few decisions that needed to go that day so I was busy processing them. The ‘person’ came back to check I’d sent his letters, I was concentrating on what I was doing and I said no. (What I was doing was a priority). It shook me up as I had forgotten we normally receive requests in email this avoids this. So he was saying I’ll send them then at this point I was choked up trying not to cry. He was still saying I’ll send them shall I? Waiting for me to answer I managed to eventually say ‘I’m not talking anymore’ and he went away.

I was still trying to finish a decision wiping away tears so the person next to me wouldn’t see. I then went down to the ladies as I was crying I had reached my limit. I was having a drink of water outside the ladies when someone asked if I was ok which set me off crying again.

Went back to my desk as still had decisions to do, then my manager came over and I said I couldn’t talk at the moment cos I’ll start crying cos of that person.

Managed to get to 5pm got to car and cried on the way home. Felt like I couldn’t cope anymore. I was working from home wed put on laptop and started crying couldn’t go on. Went to the doctor’s and I was signed off with stress. I have been posted a letter outlining the last meeting and it’s with regard to capability.

I am now worrying I will lose my job. Any comments/suggestions appreciated

Sorry it’s so long for anyone still reading!

hi libo

what a pr*ck that man is!

speak to your union rep about it, say that you’re afraid that you’ll lose your job because of it.

HR are aware that special consideration needs to be given.

i’m furious on your behalf.

hope your union can resolve this.

carole x