work and progressive MS


apologies in advance if this convoluted. I was diagnosed with MS in 2011. I went from relapsing remitting MS to primary progressive within a few years simply because we couldn’t actually track any remission or relapse, DMD’s weren’t any help and I just gradually get worse. I am soon to be 48 and am still working full-time. I am also a full-time wheelchair user outside of the house and struggle along with a wheeled walker inside the house (mainly because we not fully adapted)

so that’s the background dealt with.

Until recently I was quite happy to carry on working, but now things have changed I’m tired, and ill, and feel half the person I should be, you know what the score is.

The wheelchair I am using is now 6 years old. I have e motion wheels which allows me some independence in travel and general movement. It also allows me to continue working. I want these again but they are so expensive.

I need a new wheelchair and e motion wheels. I know that the access to work fund will help me to achieve this. However, the rules have changed and I feel too tired to be at the centre of all of this organisation. Is there anyone I can talk to, to help me get through the tangled mess that this is?

In the advice gratefully received.

Hi Anita

Get in touch with your GP or MS nurse, and ask to be referred to your local wheelchair services. They’ll assess you, and can either provide you with a chair, or you can use the voucher scheme, This is where you get a voucher for the equivalent cost of the chair. You can then top this up if you want and use this at an approved dealer, where there’ll be a greater choice of chairs available.