Wording on letters

Hi everyone!!!

You have all been great with all my questions. I just wanted to give you an update and also to ask a question.

So I have been diagnosed with FND.

Since my last attendance in a&e at the beginning of April I was referred to the community team and I had a visit yesterday.

I think it was very fruitful. They will be referring me to CNRT (community neuro rehab team) they will also be referring me to I think the psychology physio team

However when I was showing them my paperwork I came across my letter from the neurologist and noticed that it said No significant legions found on my spinal MRI. When my brain MRI said No Legions found.

It was from the same MRI department and same hospital I was wondering if this means there were legions they just think it’s not significant???

My appointment with my neurologist isn’t till August so I will ask then. I am also not happy with the hospital anyway and was planning on being referred to a different hospital as my hospital has mucked things up numerous times with me. :woman_facepalming:t5:

I was just wondering if anyone else had wording like this??

If they say no lesions then you are good. You should not worry. They can distinguish the clinical image of the MS lesions. My letters all described the lesions in detail. If there are any lessions, the letter will describe them no matter how small.