MRI results confused

Hiya everyone hope your all having good day . Had call today off my neuro to say that the MRI showed up two more legions on my brain . He mentioned numbers r 1 some thing as far as I can remember ? He said he would discuss it with me in more detail when he sees me in two weeks. Any help or info be much appreciated . What the hell does these numbers mean ? My neck and back are worse . When u lye down the pains from my neck down my spine . God it’s like being plugged into the mains . Wake up then with bad back .

Apparently the ninth legion went missing 5,000 of Rome’s finest, thought to have been lost and ambushed in the swirling mists of Caledonia.

Hi Minder,

I think what Bob’s trying to gently hint is what you refer to as “legions” are in fact lesions (areas of inflammation).

I’ve no idea what the numbers are all about, and wouldn’t have thought it makes an awful lot of difference, as far as the message goes. The significant part is that two new lesions were found - which is the bit you understood already.

Sometimes, if lesions are found in the spinal cord, they refer to the location by means of a numbering system according to which vertebra (spinal bone) they’re nearest to. For example, I had one at T12, which means the 12th vertebra of the Thoracic (chest level) part of the spine, counting from the top.

However, if your lesions were definitely in your brain (not spine) the numbers you were told couldn’t have related to that. Besides, there are no parts of the spine labelled “R”. It could be C (for cervical, or neck), T (for thoracic, or chest level), L (for lumbar, or lower back), or S (for sacral - groin area), with cervical (C) being the most common in MS. So unless it was one of those letters, I don’t think he could have been talking about spinal lesions.

Sorry if this doesn’t help much,


Hi guys . Can’t spell see lol . Confused I was . Thank u so much for your comments . I will know more in two weeks . Thank u so much xxx

Thanks Minder, just found the image conjured up by that misspelling so amusing; mind you I’ve made a few on here myself. Nothing like blurry vision to disguise a litany of typos.

I’m terrible . Lol . Always spelling things wrong lol . They joys of blurry vision xx