Can someone simplify this please??

this is my update MRI and this is the spinal section I don’t understand the last paragraph can someone enlighten me please?

It does not read very well does it.

On one hand it seems to say the cord lesions meet the criteria for ms. But then the last part seems to say they cannot be sure if they are new lesons.

How do you read it?

I really don’t know how I read it :joy: I keep going over and over it to make sense of it. You’ve done better than me thank you.

If is really confusing is the rest clearer?

Is it a space and time issue so there are lesions but they can’t say it’s happened over a certain period? It’s definitely confusing and not well written at all which must make you more anxious!

Awww like you wouldn’t believe. There comparing it to an MRI I had in Aug 2022 but I’ve had another one done in March this year.

I guess, if you can face the trauma :joy: is to call the neuro secretary and see if you can get some explanation for it.

Bad grammar in last sentence. Double negative. Probably a misprint so it is confusing. Tell your Dr it doesn’t make sense?

Did you manage to contact anybody about the letter?

I didn’t. I’ve got appointment with the MS consultant early November so I’ll hang on in till then. I’ll keep you posted if I remember :smiling_face: