Wondering if I should get tested

Hi I have chronic Achilles tendonitis in both ankles sometimes (rarely) they are both ok , sometimes one is worse than the other , my bloods show nothing , I also have osteoarthritis of the knee , degenerative of lower back, I am 54 and have the Achilles pain since my 20s sometimes I can barely walk and am unsteady , sometimes I when standing i lose balance but have not fallen. I have no diagnosis but chronic muscleskeleton pain syndrome and hypothyroidism. Does anyone think I need to be tested and how is ms tested pls

I wouldn’t expect that someone without neurological symptoms should be tested for MS. To me (completely unqualified medically), it doesn’t shout out that you have neurological symptoms.

I assume your tendonitis has been diagnosed by a doctor (or doctors) and it’s clear that your tendons are affected. Muscle pains / pain in bones should perhaps be looked at by a doctor, but nothing you’ve said seems to come from a neurological cause.

If that’s the case, then you could ask your GP for an opinion, perhaps s/he could do some basic neurological testing (reflexes etc). If s/he thought there might be cause to, a referral to a neurologist would follow.


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