wobbly legs after sex

ok heres a embarrasing one, i have problems with both my legs anyway because of this bloody ms…BUT after i have sex my legs just wont work at all, they start off by going wobbly on me then they just completely go on me and won’t work for atleast half hour afterwards, even then they stay really weak for hours after they start well id say working again as they have a mind of there own these days, so i end up staying in bed all day as i cannot walk more than 3-4 steps before they go from under me, is this normal?

hi anon,

Im not as bad as you after having sex but i am more wobbly than normal (im always wobbly).

if you dont mind me asking, do you have orgasims because i dont, if you do that might be why your legs are worse than mine.


hi lisa, no i dont orgasm, i havent for along time now, sex is too painful aswell and has been for years so sex isnt lets say a constant thing, which on one hand is a good thing as id end up in bed all the time, but on the other its not a good thing as im in a new relationship with a guy, he says he understands a bit but he just see’s things as black or white, either you can or can’t, no inbetween, which is frustrating

Dear Anon,are you a boy or a girl? I’m a boy and had similar things go on when there were three of us involved.Me,herself and the Missionary Position.This would lead to the most ‘post-coital leg wobbliness’, but this could be lessened to virtually nothing with different positions.How do you think I realised the ceiling needed painting?

If you’re a girl, again trying different positions may reduce the leg issues.The most important thing is understanding and teamwork so as to get the most pleasure out of the intimacy.

Good luck,



u r not alone! i have been experiencing this for 5 years or so. not just my legs but my whole body would shake-violently for half an hour or so then twitches for several hours…i have changed partners in that time and now physically i find ‘regular’ sex almost impossible!hes a ‘rotund guy’ but we have found ways to make us both happy. our ‘research’ is good at helping lower his blood pressure and assists me with my ‘physio’… (i have complete right sided weakness and speech problems-make up ur own jokes re keeping me quiet and so dont need to talk!)

ellie x

im a girl, i tried different positions in the past (many moons ago) and it did’nt go to well so its knocked my confidense alot, im not thin and i have as they say meat on my bones, my friend suggested talking to my ms nurse about it, but its a bit difficult talking about that kind of thing with another male, my dr’s idea of help is a hot bath, music and relax (female dr), so its getting to the point now that im starting to go off sex altogether and just do it so my boyfriend does’nt think im some sort of freak or prude. ive even tried a couple of glasses of wine and a tramadol painkiller before hand as tramadol helps the pain i get but it also spaces me out alot aswell, does any where do sex classes for the disabled? im running out of ideas to get that spark back instead of just doing it

I sooooo know I shouldn’t laugh but really ? " the ceiling needs painting" ?? That would be another coffee spitting incident courtesy of Wb. Xx

yip you can always count on him to make a situation better and less embarrassing

Dear anon,

Sorry to hear that sex hurts, especially as your in a new relationship. My problem is that i cant feel much so although i like sex, its not as enjoyable as it was before ms. My partner tries to understand, which he does do to a degree but obviously this problem is always there at the back of his mind.(you know what men are like) no offence meant Wb.



ur comment reminded me of what happened last week! in kitchen having a cuppa with neighbour-he said something that made me laugh-coffee couldnt go down so had to come out. result-coffee down radiator and wall and dribbling down my chin!

sorry for changing subject but keeps ur post near the top…

ellie x


have you tried a spooning position where he lies behind you? that way you can keep your legs together as it were…without embarassing myself too much, i find legs all over the place can cause pain at times and as a result my legs get worse.

good luck though doll…i’m sure there must be help out there for you as you are definitely not alone. have you tried calling the ms society?

vicky xxx

He’s great !! But on a more serious note, now I’ve mopped the coffee up, yes, I getcha !! It’s my right side that’s effected and it is definitely worse after that certain time. I always have to sleep / rest afterwards but I am always like that after any physical exertion !! Maybe it’s something to do with the fact that you find it painful ? Maybe your body is tensing up which leaves the muscles exhausted afterwards ? :frowning: Xx

ive had extremely painful periods ever since i started having them n the pain gets worse everytime, the dr reffered me to the hospital, they said they cant do a scan as my bladder isnt full enough ( canmt keep my bladder full anyway as i have accidents) they said they will do a internal on a different appointment, i called to rearrange it n they said i never saw them in the first place, its the actual act lets say thats really painfull, ive tried as i said the tramadol to space me out n relax but its still painfull, i dont know what else to do now apart from calling the local convent to see if they have any spaces haha, its got now that im gettin jealous of my cat as he gets more action with his blanket than i do and hes been neutered, but obviously not lost the urge for a bit of fun

Aah bless you…and now there’s been another coffee spitting incident !! But I think the convent should be a last resort…maybe a gynae referral ? And stop watching the cat at his most private moment. !!! ;)))

he does it in front of me, hes not bothered where he has his fun, ill see the dr with the next appointment and see what she can do to help with that, i keep asking for my insides to be taken out as i cant take the pain but they keep telling me no, i keep tryin tho, maybe i should try to introduce some toys to see if that helps…don’t know how that will go, but its worth a chat

I guess, in some ways, I’m lucky…I had a hysterectomy in my early 20’s so never had to suffer anymore. Boots (apparently) have a whole new range of “toys” !! I might have a, purely for scientific research of course, looksee.

Dear MrsH,

Do they! Right i’m off to the shop tomorrow, as you say purely for science reasons, wouldn’t do it otherwise earnest


There’s nothing like Scalextrix and Mouse Trap to spice up a relationship, but of all that has been said on this subject the Spooning rings truest with me. When there was a WE it was known as Au Vin,or Coq au van to use the full terminology,after a spell of Rendition in Rhyl,when we stayed in a caravan and it had a tendency to rock,especially with ‘Loves Sweet Music’.

Anon, I imagine that you’ve realised you are not alone with your troubles and hopefully you’ll get some ideas.Would 'Himself ’ consider reading through this if you suggested it? As for toys for the boudoir if you decide to try them, may I humbly suggest that the back of the head of an electric toothbrush when delicately applied can be very satisfying.


Yep…it’s called the “swoon” collection …finding this out, was, of course, step one of my purely scientific research.

And now I shall be looking at my electric toothbrush in a whole new light.