Wish me luck or wish my specialist luck?!

Got my appointment tomorrow gonna take my brother with me all will be revealed and its my infectious diseases doctor im meeting first who still still hasnt updated my chest xray on my notes but im hoping ill get the all clear from tb, then the neuro on wenesday. I wonder what it is ms, lyme or a tb complication my gp said something inbetween the lines of me being the lady full of mystery that has the speciakists in awe - that made me think even though i have o bands in csf only mayb they will send me for more tests, why they cant send me for these tests before my clinic appointments beats me. No other country in europe has these delays in patient care, imho esp ms patients shouldn’t have to wait to see a neuro to have their investigations like bloods carriee out a note should be sent to gps and these should be done inbetween specialist appointments. Ok rant over its not like i will sleep tonight or stop “googling” Oligoclonal bands" either. Or “MS MISDIAGNOSES” WHICH is quite common actually. Anyone know if you can be referred to a LLMD lyme literate doc through nhs and a ms speciakist through nhs?

Good luck with your appointment today - play nice!

Ha ha!

are you the same Nazra that caused alot of upset in the forum and insulted everyone?

Yep. Im the one who speaks my mind and doesnt give up. Why?

just surprised you now want and expect those same peoples support thats all?

So. I was doing them a favour told them get a lyme disease tests. Even if they dont support me even typing something out without having to kiss anyones feet and get barbie dolly on everyone helps. I just cut the craap and say it how it is. Mayb everyones hyper sensitive

Good luck Nazra, hope things went well.

People respond to stress in different ways. Some people become really depressed, others (like me!) get really anxious, others may go into denial and look for alternative explanations, and others become more ‘angry’ and may even come across as hostile. It is a shame, but also understandable, that can lead to other people (who are also dealing with their own situations and worries) to feel upset, and effect attitudes towards you. But at the end of the day, I hope you know that regardless of this, I am rooting for you, and hope you are starting to cope with things a little better now . Hope things go well for you… Good luck xx

Awwww thanks sandy i think the above poster thinks shes the bees knees. Come n give us a group hug… Rolls eyes…

Nazra you were trying to convince yourself that you have Lyme disease and trying to convince others that they have Lyme disease and not ms and about how it’s misdiagnosed alot which it isnt and I feel that your constant rant about it was insensitive and irresponsible. I think you’re trying to convince yourself rather than dealing with what they diagnosed you with which is CIS and the probability of developing ms. If you expect help and advice on here I think there will be few people that are willing to readily help after the way you spoke to members previously - members of the forum who had much more knowledge than yourself.

Excuse me the blood test aint bk yet. It hasnt been ruled out.

You continue to be rude towards forum members - moderators I suggest rather than deleting threads and blocking them maybe you should be looking at blocking the member. Sandyb I’m not sure if you’ve followed all of nazra’s post but if you have you will see she had actually been quite rude to numerous members here and has said things that are uncalled for.

Like what that u might not have ms?? I dont care if i get banned. Big deal.

well said. offensive posts are removed by moderators so it proves that comments made are personal and offfensive and not us taking her the wrong way

Why r u all bullying me. Boo hoo. Loooooooool

Yes today i have been rude i even called someone a bimbo. I actually think she deserved it. You all are puppets in the hands of politics who gain from diagnosing u from fake illnesses. When will u all learn these steriods they pump into you do u actually need them

Yes, i have seen the post.

I wrote the rsponse to Nazra under the assumption that Nazra’s previous comments were probably / partially coming from the fact that she is, like the rest of us, experiencing high level of stress and anxiety about her situation.

One can not help one’s own stress reactions. I believe looking for alternative explanations and getting angry is a classic stress reaction, although clearly more upsetting to others than reactions such as crying, getting anxious. Like I said previously, misdirecting anger will inevitably upset people and I totally ‘get’ why some people feel frustrated and angry about Nazra’s previous comments.

I am sorry if my previous response further ‘wound up’ the situation… but i wanted to express my view that Nazra’s early response (of anger and hostility) to her potential diagnosis does not make me feel that Nazra is any less worthy of support than anyone else on here, and that we should try not to let past experiences effect everything else that happens from here-on-in. I believe this thread is a prime example Nazra beginning with a post asking for advice, without any level of confrontation, but because of people’s past experiences, comments have been made that have resulted in hostility from both sides. I suspect moderators maybe do need to get involved - not necessarily to block Nazra - but maybe to help untangle the messy situation this has resulted in.

o gosh now I’ve seen the last post. this is ridiculous. I’m out!

Do you know how bad these sterioss are for you they weaken ur immune system and make u gain weight the fact that they still havent found a cure for this amigious illness remains suspect but your all so in love with your ms that its like s comfort zone for you all.

Moderators shut this down now please it’s getting ridiculous