WIRRAL: Gardening assistance required (free)

Hello , first post , and on behalf of a friend with MS on the Wirral (Merseyside)

She had some people come in periodically who tidied up her garden …mowed grass, cut back bushes etc.

It cost her nothing , but the groups funding has now been removed, austerity etc !

So does anyone in the Birkenhead , wirral area know of any companies or groups who offer such a service and can point me towards them. Tidy the garden maybe fortnightly, or once a month , for free ?

A longshot I know.

I hope this post is allowed and its ok to put it up here

Thanks in advance of any replies


do ‘time banks’ exist in your area?


I saw an advert a while back saying free use of garden allotment in return for help with the garden. I think the garden was fairly large. This could be an idea for your friend if her garden is large enough?

Thanks for replying folks.

Will check out that timebank link see if it comes up with anthing around here