Gardening,but not as you know it....

Gardening - honest, pottering sun hat on and moving my chair along as I pulled the weeds. I have a rule if when going indooors I can pick a weed i.e it’s 9ins high something has to be doneI started a trend if she can do a bit of weeding with her problemsGardening, but not as you know it… It felt goodtake care M

Good for you great idea, I am unable to get into my garden so I am envious of you being able to do gardening even if it is just picking one weed as you go past

Brilliant M!

I haven’t got my own garden… communal garden here… but I do have loads of houseplants.

Potting or re-potting always causes hell of a mess in my kitchen… but I’ve got a new and nifty method… I got a cat litter tray and do the potting in that so all the spilled compost stays in tray and easy to tip away!

You wouldn’t want to be gardening in London today. None stop rain and very chilly!!!

Oh Sainsbury’s have just pulled up outside with my order…

Have a good one M and everyone,

Happy Gardening!!!

Pat x

Hi M

Good idea, enjoy your gardening, but don’t overdo it.

Sunshine here as well.

Pam x

I’ve found a wonderful way to weed. I’ve got a seat pad off an old computer chair and I plop it right in the middle of the flower bed where I’ve strategically had rocks placed and sit on it picking weeds around me, then move it along to more rocks. It’s marvellous, I can take my time, even take a drink and I wear my big straw hat, what a sight! All the weeds go into a bucket until it’s full then empty and start again. A peaceful way to spend the afternoon and it feels so good knowing I managed it, a real sense of achievement. I’m determined that ms isn’t going to take over all of my life.

Cath x

Hi, I got some lovely flowers in Dewsbury market last year.

They still look good in a pot on my deck…

they`re silk!!!


Sense of ‘I did it’ very gratifying/smug? I love my silk flowers, any help on how to dust my red roses? To be able to participate in every day things, how great does that safe guys, M x

Have you tried using a hair drier M. That normally gets rid of some of the dust. Oonagh Xxx

i hobble up & down the garden, spot one of the many many weeds now taking over, then stare at it for an hour, go back inside, have a sit down, then go back out, stare at it again, then think: sod it I’ll get it up tomorrow ! I miss gardening