Why are people so cruel?

I was out earlier today ‘walking my dog’ using my mobility scooter. I was on the pavement with my dog on his lead when a couple of ladies with two smaller dogs than mine (a labrador who’s a big softy) crossed the road and went to walk onto the pavement straight in front of me. The two dogs went to snap at my dog which frightened him and he pulled away into the road. The ladies couldn’t pull their dogs away from him as they were on extendable leads, so I had to battle mine to get him back on the kerb. Usually he’s well behaved and responds to my commands but unfortunately he wasn’t so well behaved as he was scared of the two dogs who kept barking & snapping at him. After a few minutes I managed to get him close enough to me so that I could carry on my way. I apologised to the ladies out of politeness (even though it wasn’t my fault and it could have been avoided if they had mounted the kerb behind me and not directly in front of me!) to which I got the response, ‘just move out of our way, people like you shouldn’t be out’.

‘People like me?’ I’ve got one head, two arms, two legs (albeit they won’t do what I want them to) & feelings just like everyone else - why am I so different that I shouldn’t be out!

Has anyone else encountered this type of discrimination and if so how did you respond? It’s unrepeatable what my husband suggested I should have said!!!

Unfortunately the two 'ladies’ shouldn’t have been allowed out without muzzles. Your black lab looks gorgeous from your profile pic , we had a black lab when I was a child called Selby

We just have to accept that there are individuals out there with far lower intelligence than us ‘cripples’ who will mock and name call to make themselves feel better, I agree with your husband - f*ck em .

Take care,

anu xxx

I’m with your husband and Anu. (But I would also be desperately upset if this happened to me.)

Please try not to dwell on it too much. People like that do exist, alas. You’ve been unlucky enough to meet a couple of them: that’s all.

I hope tomorrow is a better day for you and your lovely lab.



“People like you”??? OMG! I would have backed them up against a wall and MADE them explain themselves, preferably with an audience so they could publicly be made to feel as small as their brains clearly are. Stupid, ignorant, small minded, FILTERED WORDS!

Do not give them one second more thought. They are beneath contempt.

(But given the opportunity, do the world a favour and run them over next time you spot them :-))

Karen x

I must have met their sister recently…

I was out shopping at the local mall on my scooter and passed a couple going the other way. There was plenty of room between us and I was in no way about to hit the on coming woman and yet she deliberately stepped into my path and took a swing at my face with her handbag and yelled at me, “Watch where you’re going!!! Cripples like you shouldn’t be allowed out!”

Unblievable that moronic creeps like this exist but at least we can take pride in knowing that we are a million times better behaved and less ignorant than these bottom-dwelling scum-suckers.

As for how I responded, I was so shocked that I just kept scootering past albeit with my jaw hanging open onto my lap in surprise! It was only a few minutes later that I recovered my powers of speech and then I let rip! My daughter on the other hand was ready to go and murder the woman and I had to physically restrain my 13YO from giving chase down the mall and throttling this bogan of a woman.

Yep, discrimination is alive and kicking out there… We have to rise above it and not let it get to us. If there wasn’t a word filter on these Boards I would add a few choice words to describe these %$&(@$#%*#@^&% !!!



I think we should say something like: YOUVE OBVIOUSLY GOT A DISABLED GOB BECAUSE IT JUST AINT WORKING PROPERLY, and that along with ignorance makes for a VERY SICK INDIVIDUAL!

It astonishes me that people have no understanding of what it is like to struggle on a daily basis without feeling like one should be locked within four walls just to apease these biggots.



You shouldn’t be out??? They shouldn’t be alive.

I am speechless! And it takes a lot, you can be sure! Well one day this may unexpectedly happen to one of them and then they will have to change their tune. Teresa xx

newbie here

I totally agree with all above replies - to be polite stuff them, they’re only jealous because they do not have wheels like us,

that’s because they’re not good enough to have them.Just run them over next time and make sure you have an excuse like mine on the back of my seats headrest. Which reads---->THE DEVIL MADE ME DO IT !!

Like they say, what goes around comes around .

MS can’t get us down so humans not a chance in hell.

wendz x


Unfortunately the two 'ladies’ shouldn’t have been allowed out without muzzles. Your black lab looks gorgeous from your profile pic , we had a black lab when I was a child called Selby

We just have to accept that there are individuals out there with far lower intelligence than us ‘cripples’ who will mock and name call to make themselves feel better, I agree with your husband - f*ck em .

Take care,

anu xxx

Hi, Good idea about the muzzles, especially if you meant the ladies lol. Rafiki is gorgeous, but I guess I would say that as he’s my loyal friend. He’s only just 2yrs but so good, the profile pic was taken when he was a few months old but he’s not changed much just a bit bigger.

These ladies I have to say were an exception to the rule, normally people are quite kind & polite as am I but it wasn’t the first time and I guess not the last but hey ho - oh to be a cripple

Thank you & take care x


I’d like to say thank you to all of you for all your replies to my post, for your kind words and funny comments which did have me tittering to myself & cheered me up no end. I’d like to have responded to you individually but since the ‘new’ website has been set up I haven’t got a clue - sorry!!!

I wish you all well & take care

Sandie xx

Oh my word! I have a bonkers 2 year old black lab. Can’t believe some people, but love the disabled gob comment! Chis

Because they are ignorant, rude and totally incapable of imaging what life is like with a chronic condition. Just wish they could have first hand knowledge of the realities of life in wheels!

The majority of folk I meet are kind and thoughtful.

Another day and another trip out eh? We are as much entitled to be out as they are.

luv Pollx

Im realy sorry you were accosted by 2 morrons,i hope this dosnt stop you from going out and about,cos if it dose then they,ve won.

On the other hand yesterday i went on my scooter to the paper shop, and discoverd that my back tyre was soft.

At the shop i asked wher i could put some air in it, and was told there was a garage further down the road with a air pump.

On getting there looking at the machine,i realised i didint have a clue how to work it, standing there looking lost a very kind gent came to my rescue,he set the pressure and got down on his knees to pump air in the tyre and checked all the others were ok too.

All i could say was thankyou very much. I dont know what i would have done without his help.

There are still some good people out there and i hope your next experiance is as good as mine was.


How awful for you - [ and for Belinda] lts so worrying that there are so many folk out there with this moronic attitude.

l have for years walked my dogs out with me on my scooter - l too have large dogs - two rotties - and l have to sometimes ‘run the gauntlet’ when a lady in the village takes her retriever[who is well behaved] and five terriers - 3westies - 1 border-1 jackrussell. The terriers go berserk - and even turn on one another in their frenzy. One day l was out with my daughters Bull Terrier - he was on the lead - when these terriers - off the lead - came through the hedge of our field and attacked Burliegh.

l was worried he would grab one of them and kill it - but he didn’t - but all the twisting and turning trying to get away from 5terriers damaged his cruciate ligament - and it was 4months of cage rest before he recovered.

Then one day - l was out with one of my dogs - she was playing happily with two other people dogs - a collie and a staffie - when these 5 terriers appeared and set about my dog. The owners of the terriers found it easier to get hold of my rottie and bring her to me then catch their own dogs which were still snapping at one another. Later that day l had a visit from the local constabluary. The terrier owner had reported me as not being fit enough to handle a rottweiler!!! As soon as the policewoman saw my dogs - who did not even bark - or get up to see who was coming through the door - she could see how well behaved they were - and obedient. She had previously called at the house with the terriers - and had seen how that many dogs become a ‘pack’ and wind each other up. The WPC - said how useless mine would be as police-dogs - as she could be nastier then them.

Those extending leads are dangerous - as you have little control of dog when it is away from your side. why do owners of little dogs think it is funny when their little darling is snapping and snarling at a bigger dog. Whatever the size the intention is the same.

My scooter is a Tramper - so quite a heavyweight - so no chance of being pulled over.

Somebody stopped - in a car one day - and said how cruel it was for me to have my dogs walking beside me on my scooter - she said it was bad for their feet!!!

Luckilly, l am only on the road for a short distance before being able to get into the fields and woods.

Don’t be put off by these morons - and keep ‘scootering’ with your dog.


Hi Francis,

Your Rotties sound adorable :slight_smile: I have seen more little dogs behaving badly than big dogs TBH. I think it is because people forget that they are still dogs and need the same training and discipline and treat them like cuddly toys instead and spoil them rotten. I got bitten quite badly in the calf muscle by a nasty little Maltese terrier once. It just snuck up behind me in the street and sunk its horrid little teeth in. But it left one heck of a large and deep hole in my leg which needed medical treatment and antibiotics.

And how is walking your dogs beside you on the road bad for their feet??? It keeps their claws down for a start. How silly some people can be. My dog gets 90% of his exercise on the footpath beside me on the scooter as there is no suitable park within scooterable distance to my house. I have to drive him to the park for an off leash session and TBH I have just not been well enough to manage this of late. His feet are fine :slight_smile:

Happy dog walking to you and elvelero and all other scooter dog walkers,


This makes me sad and angry, NOBODY knows what’s in store for them and they could well be in the same position as you in the future! Put them down as a pathetic, unhelpful minority and tells your dog the dogs are idiots too! :slight_smile:

Dear elvelero and Belinda,

What brainless prats, I wonder if they are the ‘nice weather’ walkers. Scooter or no scooter, dogs need exercise, what a ridiculous comment about being bad for their feet. What is bad for their feet are these owners with uncontollable dogs who take them out only when its nice weather and then they stand yacking to other ‘nice weather’ walkers, half of them don’t even carry a poop bag. I have a gorgeous immaculately behaved red setter, the only other person I see on a cold or rainy day is a little old man with a corgi, he always makes the comment ‘only you and me today lass!’

These people with their moronic comments are a waste of space, you carry on enjoying your dog outings and ignore them.

I will shut up now because I am getting crosser by the minute just thinking about it!


I think that people should catch that kind of cruel person and bet black and blue unless he died.

as a Labrador owner they are softies who only want fuss!

people like us walking with aids and in my case a limp need to be respected. many a time i’ve thought i could get rid of my pups (aged 5 and 1) but they are as much part of my family as myself my husband and my daughter. No one has thankfully told me i shouldnt be out. i’d have to use every morsel of my being not to hit them with my stick and set the dogs on them. The’d definately have a spirited effort at licking the person to death!!