A break to get over the break?

We may be reluctant to do things as we’re all rather experienced when it comes to the consequences of having a good time. But even at my age and in my condition, the memories will cock a snook to the beast in years to come.

My advice?

Make it so.



Enjoyed travelling with you Steve x

I think you are amazing Steve , Wow that was some adventure! I’ve not been anywhere far for a long time. Molly is trying to line me up for several adventures in the summer holidays. She leaves Greenbank school this year and she is very sad . It’s been a wonderful school the staff are like family and the friends shes made all seem to live far away . At special schools the taxis pick up children from miles away. I can see a few train journeys coming my way. We have a new train line to Liverpool from Frodsham. I haven’t tried it yet but Molly wants to . Take care Steve it was lovely reading your blog . Michelle and Frazer xx

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Thanks Michelle.

I’ve always lived life to the full and have no intention of changing. The recovery takes longer but it’s worth it.

x woof.

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Hi Steve Sounds like a whirlwind trip, I admire you for what you do. hope your upcoming treatment goes well. Pam x