Whole body in pain....

Hi All

My body has decided to wake me up at 4am the last few mornings, every inch of me in pain, and completely stiff. How can I ease this?


You don’t say what symptom relief, if any, you’re already on?

If the answer’s: “none”, perhaps the time has come you should be?

I’m having a similar problem lately. I am already prescribed baclofen, along with a number of other things, but have started experimenting with the timing of doses - taking the first one when I wake up in pain, instead of forcing myself to hang on 'til breakfast time.

So far with mixed results. Giving in and taking the baclofen when I’m having the problem, instead of waiting for some arbitrary time does make the early mornings more comfortable, but of course means I have one less dose to play with for the rest of the day, which is not entirely working out, as I feel a bit under-medicated in the daytime hours.

I’m trying to decide on the lesser of two evils - when do I want to put up with the pain? At four o’clock in the morning, or later in the day? The only advantage of the latter is that at least there’s a chance of being able to distract yourself with something. When you’re lying awake in the dark, and all you can think about is how everything’s hurting, it does seem a bit worse than when you can put the kettle on, or go on the computer, or whatever.



Thank you for response, I’m on no symptom relief and due my annual appointment with my MS nurse 22nd of this month. Will talk it through with him then.

Jaynee x

Hi, I can understand your pain I too am in pain today. When i’m standing or walking it’s so bad.

I have tried this pain management guided meditation on the web and it helped me reduce some pain. I thought anything is worth a try.

cannabis might help.

seriously, i am not even joking.

it has provided documented, consistent relief of pain in those with MS.

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Thanks Paolo, not exactly available in my local Tesco, lol

Sad but true. Things may become more abundant if you keep an eye open for them though…

I just mention it as ‘food for thought’; i believe those with already limited options shouldn’t feel further inhibited by baseless and nonsensical legislation.

The best of luck to you.

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The Canbex trial is probably worth keeping an eye on.

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