Who really matter

We each have our thoughts on many matters, our health, work, care of the vulnerable the elderly the young, the state of education, the police, or lack off, high crime, brexit, many more besides, who is to blame, is it the government of the day, much has been made against a Labour government selling off the family silver, at the time greedy bankers brought a financial crisis to our shores, today’s primary concerns of our beloved rulers is that of, Russia (more than likely) atrocity to attack two of its own-note, two Russian, not foreign-on British soil, it takes away from the main concerns (see beginning), a conservative (tory b’s) party makes loud noises over two people (a spy and his daughter) being attacked than was done for the 96 killed at a football match (over two decades before the truth finally came out), and the 71 who died in the Grenfell disaster, still awaiting an inquiry and who is at fault-will anything or anyone be blamed and held to account, are we, the people, really the concern of this party or are we just like a nigglety itch, something to be put up with until it goes away, don’t let them fool you giving them another term, Brian


Brian, this is an MS forum not a political forum.


Yes, it is. But all of Brian’s comments are relevant to his, and our, lives. Personally I think Brian’s post is as well placed as many others.

Each to his or her own.


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I agree with Sue, the points Brian makes about “Who really matter” have given me food for thought and that’s not a bad thing. I see Tippy’s point as the first post is a little one sided against one party, but each to their own.

For me, Everyday Living is a sounding board for us all. We MS patients may have cognition issues, memory loss and physical difficulty, but no harm in going off piste to discuss our frustrations, no matter what the topic.

Brian, I believe the way of our Country is a no longer the strong, stringent ways of the 40’s, 50’s & 60’s. The population has grown quickly and places burdens on all public services. The NHS, formed in 1948 for the benefit of all, was a fantastic move forward. Alas, many people of today have been raised off an income of benefits and assume “their rights” to abuse the NHS system. There is no easy answer, each government blames its predecessors and wants to use a new broom to sweep clean.

I saw your point of Government views seeming mis-placed, but I can’t agree our Government is using these worrying & frightening threats against us and the rest of the E.U. to deflect from other issues affecting our Country.

Of course we matter, mainly to our families where love and security is unconditional. We matter to our employers/employees, friends and neighbours. No Government can influence that, so I rejoice in our Free Country.

Chris x


This may be a MS site but how many, I have a boil on my ar*e, is this because of the MS posts do we need to read, by all means have all things regards MS concerned, but how many have no one to talk over the concerns of every day living, would like to express their opinion of some news item, so where else would a person who has MS but to Everyday Living, plus, we live every day in life with MS and don’t wish to read every single item about MS, surely having posts that stimulate healthy conversation and may even stimulate the person’s brain is a winner, Brian


Much as I hate to be political. Selling off the family silver: that was the accusation against Margaret Thatcher, when Harold Macmillan condemned her with resoundingly aristocratic disdain. “The sale of assets is common with individuals and the state when they run into financial difficulties. First the Georgian silver goes, and then all the nice furniture that used to be in the saloon. Then the Canalettos go.” He ventured “to question the using of these huge sums as if they were income.” Selling off the family silver? Cameron and Osborne have gone way beyond that | Polly Toynbee | The Guardian


Hi Chris, it may indeed be a one sided posting, but your reply makes it worthwhile in me posting, to stimulate conversation, one post leads to another, then another, and so on, it does get boring very quickly to read post after post regards MS, Everyday Living-to me-means every subject under the sun (no animosity) should be up for discussion, Brian

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‘Much as I hate to be political’!!! When was that then?



I have no problem with political threads - if people like them they’ll respond if they don’t then the threads will fall off the board.

The issue I have with the OP’s first thread is that there is nothing to discuss in it. There are a lot of critical statements about the Tory government but nothing in the message that you can really respond to.


Thank you Sue

Not wanting open up a debate, and I really really dont want to, but I tend to agree with Krakowian, the OP’s post is more of a rant than a topic.

But we are all entitled to have our say, so rant on if it makes you feel better, thats my opinion, for what it’s worth.

On that note, thats me done !

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