Conservatives dont care

I realise everybody is a number, just a footprint in the snow. But all this poloney about we dont want to abandon the ill is total garbage. It makes me angry how people with neurological conditions, of any sort have to jump through umpteen hoops. I have not heard anybody get in the support group. Is it not bad enough that people are diagnosed, but for MPs to come out with utter dribble about we dont want to abandon people out there. We as a nation should be supporting the ill, not making them get anxious going to Atos medical centre, and then getting a score right out The Eurovision Song Contest nul points!.

i agree, but with that lot they have more fun and amusement putting us through hell to make sure they can say that we dont need benefits as theres nothing wrong with us, therefore we dont need help, services or anything else

I always wonder how do you score someone with a neuro condition, depression, learning difficuties etc… It is crazy. But then pay a private firm to score people and decide their fate is wrong. We are told the country is broke but we have the funds to pay a private company to do a job GP’s do for free.