Who issues fit notes?

I am currently off work with a relapse, tried a couple of times to go in last week but it made me worse each time so have given in and have told work I will likely be off all week.

I will now need a fit note for work to make sure I get paid still, but am not sure who to get it off. I phoned the MS Nurse last week so the hospital know I’m relapsing, but I always thought really that the GP does work notes. I just am not sure whether information from the hospital will have reached the GP yet (I’m not expecting this to be quick!). So, assuming a nurse can’t sign one, do I need to try to get one from the hospital (consultant?) or do I make a GP appointment and just explain. The diagnosis is on record with them already so they know about the ms anyway.

What do you think?

Hi, I’ve always got mine from my GP. She is brilliant, though difficult to get an appointment with, so I often have a telephone consultation and pick up the note when I can. She is very much ‘in the loop’ and very receptive to helping me this way. Hope this helps Best wishes

Thanks, I’ll make a gp appt and do that then.

Zedsee, if the GPs already know about this relapse you could just ring them and request a sick note rather than wait for an appointment. They can ring you back if they need to clarify anything.


The gp probably doesn’t as it was the ms nurse at the hospital I rang. I’ll ring the gp today and see what they say. I can never seem to reach the nurse on Monday or Tuesday.