Does GP have to put MS on sick note?

MS has finally caused me to have time off work.

Only my Headteacher knows about my MS - and she has been happy to keep it off the record.

My worry now is that if MS gets written on a sick note then the admin folk in the office will find out about me. This will mean that who I want to know about my condition will be out of my control.

I've never needed a sick note in 23 years of employment so this is all a bit new to me.



I’ve never had MS written on a sick note. I think the closest was neuropathy. This week as the doc was updating my sick note, he asked if work knew I had MS. So I think if you just say you don’t want it written as MS they won’t. Suz xx

I could cry tears of relief at your reply. Thank you so much.

I have been dx for 6 years and have been able to keep it to myself. I know there will come a time when I will have to make it known but I want that to be under my control.  Right now I am just angry and upset in equal measure that it is keeping me off school.

Thank you again :-)


Your GP could put something that doesn't use the actual words, like "inflammation of the central nervous system".

But I don't really see the advantage to you, of it not being on the record.  Why would you want it to be thought you were off work with something less serious than it really is?

An "on the record" MS diagnosis gives you legal protection you don't have if it's "off the record".  I'm not surprised the headmistress readily agreed to keeping it off the books, because that means the school doesn't have any legal obligations towards you, in respect of your illness.  A whole lot easier for the school, if they've never been officially notified, so they don't have to do anything about it.

Maybe you don't need any extra help, at the moment?  But what happens if things get worse, and you do?  The school doesn't have to help you with something it knows nothing about.



I agree with Tina. Although I understand completley your desire to keep your MS to yourself  I don't think that it will do you any favours in the long run.

I was a teacher and had to take ill health retirement after a year off sick. What if (heaven forbid) you need to do something like this? It will all look a bit hokey if your sick notes say something inocuous when it was really MS keeping you off work.

There are lots of things to help you keep working (eg access to work) but they will not be available to you if you keep your dx secret. I'm not saying that coming out is easy - it's not. I used to practice saying "I've got MS" in front of the mirror. I made the decision to tell people because I wanted to explain why I couldn't help the many organizations I belonged to, to do the physical things that cropped up from time to time (running a market stall, collecting signatures etc etc) I needed to explain why I could help for an hour but not all day as I had done previously.

Everyone is different and if you choose to handle the MonSter by keeping quiet I don't see why you shouldn't - it's your choise.




OMG now everyone can see how crap my spelling is!

I cut and paste into Word and then copy back but I clearly didn’t copy back the corrected version.


I am with Tina and Jane, why keep it a secret, I had to inform my employer for health and safety, plus insurance reasons, as my work was industrial electrical engineering, which necessitated, working on live circuits. I was not sure which way it would go as my employer at the time did not have the best reputation, when it came to employer/employee relations, but all was fine, I was always asked if I could manage any particular job, if I had doubts, they would call in a contractor to give me help.

But I fully understand, it has to be your choice, but remember its not your fault you have MS.

We all just drew out the short straw.


Take care.

Chris R.

I. El. (Eng). (Rtd).

I know its going to be a bad day when I get out of bed and miss the floor, today is such a day.


Why you do not want people to know you have MS is entirely your business.  If you have advised your head with a caveat that you do not want it to go further you are covered under the AE.


To answer the question you asked your doctor will not put MS on the sick note if you do not want; as Suzi says.