Job centre and illness


I have a job centre appointment this week but I have been too unwell due to ms fatigue to look for a job enough and I won’t be able to attend my sign on appointment. Does anybody know what I should do?

Could you get your GP to give you a ‘fit for work’ certificate that says fatigue? If you get on well I’m sure they’ll fit the dates round what you need.

Unfortunatly there is nothing you can do eccept wait sorry I was supposed to sign on last thuirsday but was too ill to go, I was told that I should recieve a sick note the following day, and it would take a further 3 working days from the time they recieved it before I would get any money, come Monday I had still not had any letter so I called again and was told they would send another.

I still haven’t recieved anything I called yet again today and they said they would send another adding even more time till I recieve anything.

I really hate the job center and wish I did not have to sign on because they don’t really help at all Good luck anyway…

What is a ‘fit for work’ certificate? I’ve never heard of that. Would I still recieve the allowance?

As far as I am aware yourb GP has to say that you are unfit for work or only able to do cerain types of work. You give that to the job center then you dont need to go in and sign on the benefit just comes automatically every 2 weeks.

You do loose about £30 per week though so I decided not to do it.

It’s the new ‘sick note’ that was brought in last year. It has boxes where your doctor ticks whether you are ‘fit for work’ or not, if you are whether there are any adaptations that may need to be made or they can put a date when you may be fit to return to work etc. They are a lot more flexible than just saying you are too sick to work or fully fit to go back.

I hope your job centre’s better than mine … the threatened to cut my benefit when I asked to change my sign on day once so I could attend a job interview! You have to laugh or you’d cry x