Quick question about doctors note and work.

Hi all. Would anyone know if I have to give a doctors note to say I am fit for work? Quick outline… Was demoted a month or so ago due to my ms. Had no time off off work due to sickness bar one half a day. Boss has now offered my job back but said upper management want a note from my doctor to say I am fit for work. Do I have to give them this or can I tell them to go fudge themselves? (obviously the latter woild be better lol)


I would question why you need a fit note when you are not off work sick?

I don’t know the size of your company. Most big companies have an Occupational Health contact who would help with workplace assessments.

If it’s a smaller company then maybe not but they cant insist on a fit note.

Are you in a Trade Union? as they can provide advice to you.

If you are at work thewn your GP would not give a fit note. They don’t know your job role and cant predict your condition related to MS or any other illness you mat get.

take care



Hold on; they demoted you because of your MS? Totally illegal contact who will sort them out or take them to tribunal.

If you have had sickness owing to your MS and if you have advised their doctor of your diagnosis any sickness owing to your MS; especially signed off by a GP; should not be counted with normal sickness.


Hi Amanda,

Assuming you do want the job back, I can’t see that it’s in your interest NOT to go along with this.

I don’t think you can be compelled by law to provide it, but if you don’t, the downside will be that they’re reluctant to (re-)employ you, because they’re scared they will fall foul of health and safety laws, and/or be open to a claim from you later, for supposedly letting you work (or forcing you to work) when you weren’t well enough.

So, other than it might briefly feel good, there’s really no point telling them where to shove it, because their response then is likely to be: “In that case, we can’t take the risk of employing you, because we can’t be sure you’re well enough…”

I’ll leave others to deal with the “demotion” issue, which is a quite separate thing. On the face of it, it does sound like blatant discrimination - and therefore unlawful - if it was literally because of your MS. But I’m guessing, like most of these cases, the background was slightly more complicated.