who are all these friends

Hi All,

Can anyone explain why there is 17 users and 72 guests.

Who are these guests and who invited them?

Or have i missed somthing.

Take Care All.


I know that sometimes - if I have not accessed the site for a few days - my account logs me out but I can still read the forum. That would make me a “guest” but it is still me and I am not a trespasser on here!


TillyBob (Boblatina)

My interpretation would be that a “Guest” is not a Forum Member.
Forum Member defined as someone who has registered a Username and password, and is able to post comments, etc.

I would expect that at one time we were all guests until we joined - and, apart from the odd troll, I hope that anyone with MS, or who cares for someone with MS is welcome here. How they find the Forum is up to them.


Me too TillyBob, so that’s 2 guests accounted for then. Only 70 to go…

Also anyone can access this site and read it without being a member so they will show up as guests. But they have ‘read only’ access and can’t post or reply.



Hi All,

Thanks for the replys,i was a little bit confused by it now i understand.

Once again thanks,