Whilst searching the net for more info about Jack Osbourne, I came across a video about a new pill for MS


What's the gen on this pill? Is anyone taking it?

Hmm, after reading a little more about fingolimod, it doesn't seem to be all it's cracked up to be. They made it sound like a wonder drug with no side effects on the programme!

Grr, why do people get your hopes up like that!


Hi Midnightmoon

The link shows a video on the BBC site from march.


Yes, it's a link to a video about a women with MS who has started taking a new 'wonder pill' for MS called Fingolimod. I was just wondering if anyone here is taking it as it sounds fantastic!...but after reading a bit more about it online it has some quite scary side effects.

I felt a bit disappointed after reading about it.

Hi Midnightmoon

At the min I have not been prescribed any meds. I was only dx a month a go. I have seen a neuro and he will run JC blood test.
The options
Will be tysabri if test negative or copaxone and sommat else that starts with m.
But a wonder drug old be great


I asked my neuro about that drug and it wont work for my type I have PPMS

Hi Jon, Yeah I think it's for RRMS (if my memory serves me corectly,) it was only last night I came across it but may as well have been last year. I can't quite remember and don't want to watch it again to remind me. Stupid video with 'shiny happy people' in it telling people with MS that there is an amazing new drug with no side effects when actually it can (and has) caused several deaths and skin cancer.

I don't know all the details, before anyone stones me, but I have read enough for it to put me off, personally, if I ever get to that stage.