BG 12

I’m one in limboland but I’ve heard people talk about this drug. Does anyone know the reasons why this appears to be so much better than the rest?

It’s already in use for psoriasis so it’s well known. It’s a pill. The side effects from the clinical trials appear to minimal (flushing, i.e. a red face, for the first month is the main one). It reduces relapses and progression by about 40-45% I think (can’t remember the actual numbers) so it’s better than the injectables, but some way off Tysabri.

Apparently it has caused a few cases of PML though, so its future is not certain: the decision in the US has been delayed and they are often the first to approve new drugs.

Because BG12 has looked so promising, other pharmaceutical companies have started trialling similar drugs, several of which are looking really good :slight_smile: [They will probably also have the PML thing to overcome though.]

A really good source of info on all things MS is the multiple sclerosis research blogspot. You’ll be able to read about the latest research papers on BG12 there.

Karen x

Specialist told me yesterday bg12 has now been fda approved and a march date likely in europe


I really want to try BG-12 too. It’s got to be better than injecting and the side-effects are a lot less, apparently. I think that the incidence of PML is much lower to that of Tysabri. I have to start Rebif on Monday. Not looking forward to it. It makes everything seem so much more real. I suppose that I am very lucky though.

I was reading your other thread JW and my heart really goes out to you and your children. I really hope things get better for you.

Adrian x

Thanks fella.

Sorry but I think you may have misunderstood or your neuro is out of date. The latest on BG-12 as of the 14 of January is that Teva (maker of Copaxone) has filed a Citizen’s Petition asking that BG-12 go before an Expert Advisory Panel before approval is given.

Even without that process occurrring the FDA has scheduled BG-12 for a regulatory review with Biogen having to submit a PDUFA or manufacturer’s contribution to the review process in March 2013. The approval date will then occur after that IF there are no further hold-ups.

We are looking at getting it supplied from Biogen under a Product Familiarisation Program here in Australia in April or June , all going well and if Teva keeps there rotten fingers out of things. I am following BG-12 with a very keen and vested interest as it is the only drug I am eligible to take because of earlier chemo treatment for MS that now prevents me taking any other treatments. As soon as BG-12 is approved and available in Australia I will be one of the first people on it

But I do hope your specialist is right and has access to information none of the rest of us has yet…


And sorry app666 for not answering your question.

BG-12 is showing so much promise because it is showing to be highly effctive at reducing relapses, reducing progression and doing so with minimal side effects and in an oral form all of which make it an extremely positive sounding drug at this stage.

The following is a very good link and pretty straight forward to read but it is a good idea to scroll to the bottom of the page and read from the bottom up as the entries are added with the most recent on top.