Hi everyone

My question today is about bg12 my nurse at the hospital suggested that it might be a option for me because I am getting bad injection site reactions with copaxone

I just wondered if anyone had any experience of the pill as I am a bit concerned about side affects I am still hoping that copaxone will settle down only been on it a month.


Hi Anne

I was offered BG12 by my consultant when i had my yearly check up at the Southern General Hospital in Feb this year. He said it hadnt been approved here in scotland yet but did expect it to get the go ahead. If you live in England/Wales im sure it was refused by NICE at the draft stage but they expect it to get the go ahead at some stage. Im on Avonex at the moment but due to relapsing he said that it would better to try someting new. The side effects are lot better than what you get with Avonex and the other 2 that was offered had a lot worst side effects. Im sure he said the side effects for BG12 are hot flushes ad diarrhea (sorry).


With NICE they want more data but it’s been given the go ahead by EU. My neuro said 'if Gilenya don’t work for me then

I can go on BG12’, maybe there is a loop hole they use or it’s down to a PCT if they will fund it.

I was told on Monday by my new neuro that it was likely to be available from September (I’m in England).