BG 12- an alternative to injectables?

I’ve found nothing on the site about this, and very little about the ECTRIMS conference last week- a big European and US conference on the future of MS treatments, and a number of trial results were published including on BG 12. It has as good if not slightly better efficacy as Rebif, has a good safety profile and is a twice daily tablet. It’s not quite as effective as fingolimod, but is safer and must in future be a first line drug of choice. I think it’s up for approval at the beginning of next year, so if you didn’t know about it, it might be something to ask your neuros about at your next appts., or at least look it up, as MS soc hasn’t mentioned it.

I’ve heard it’ll be 2013 before it gets launched, but it looks really promising. Good results and a great safety profile. I’m in!

Karen x

Hello bp2611. Thank you for posting this important information. BG 12 is a new one to me - but it sounds very encouraging indeed. I have just read a little about it on the mstrust web site. it says a long term safety and efficacy study is estimated for completion June 2013. Perhaps soon after that we may be able to receive it? Anyway, I try to keep abreast of the various therapies and treatments, and I am very grateful to you for bringing it to our attention and I will mention it at my next neuro appointment. Roger