New drug BG-12?

Everything seems to have gone quiet regarding the drug BG-12 (fumaric acid esthers). This is the drug (tablet form) that I can’t wait to try myself. I have heard only good things about it and from what I can gather from the literature, it seems to perform better than the current disease modifying drugs e.g. Avonex (which I am currently on). You can read the information yourself by following this link . Its ability to reduce the formation of new lesions sounds very encouraging and regarding the side effects, participants in the control group seemed to have more reported side effects than those who were actually receiving the drug - sounds good doesn’t it!! It is due to be ready for use here in Germany (where I live) some time in 2013. It seems to work in a different way to the beta interferon based drugs e.g. reducing inflammation and protecting nerve cells from damage. To me it sounds like a wonder drug and I can’t wait to ditch the Avonex when it becomes available in Germany. What is happenning in the uk with this drug and why is everything so quiet?

I find the Barts & London blog to be pretty reliable, but a search tells me the last article was back in January this year.

This seems to be the only trial still running.

Fortunately, I have PPMS and don’t need to concern myself with approved treatments, but BG12 does look promising for RRMSers.

Last I heard was that it was likely to become available in the UK in 2013. Of course, knowing NICE, that probably means 2014 at the earliest

Karen x