Which walking aid?

Hello everyone

As someone whose balance is rapidly deteriorating, I am finding a traditional walking stick is not supporting me in any way and I stumble over one hundred times a day. I am having regular physio but it still isn't working.

I have been thinking about using either two sticks, crutches or a rollator to give me more stability.  Which walking aid works best for you?


I used to use one stick - and found that I was leaning to the stick side, with adverse effects on the shoulder on that side.

My physio suggested two sticks so that I was walking upright - this was an improvement.

The best thing is to try to get to the bottom of what is causing you to stumble.  Could it be the start of a dropped foot (or feet)?
You can sample walking with a wheeled aid with your everyday supermarket shopping trolley.  Park the stick in the trolley and go slowly round the store.

Stumbling and/or tripping are not always the same thing as a "pure" balance problem.  In my own case, just covering my eyes for a moment is enough to have me starting to lean sideways.  A lack of condition in one or more of the leg muscles is enough to start a slow collapse to one side (or backward). But, if it really is tripping/stumbling - try to note if this is a case of one or both feet catching on the floor/carpet/rugs/pavement, etc.  Then you have to try and work out if it is the foor that is not coming up, or if a knee (or knees) is not bending enough. 

If it is the start of "dropped foot", then a fixed orthotics device may be sufficient.  But to get any help, you need to get to see a Physio who can advise you properly from personal observation. and refer you to Orthotics as appropriate. It might be that what you need is FES, but that could depend on the current NHS policy in your area.


I use crutches with the arthritic grip handles because my grip is weak.Although it is dofficult to support my own weight at times I only use the crutches when I am feeling more me.

I use 1 stick to get around the home, where there are walls and I know the area very well.

I use 2 stick as much as I can outside the house, it does not look nice, and it very painful.

sadly I have to use a powerchair, I can not use a manual chair because of problem with my left side, to get around outside more then a few feet.

When I last talked to my physio about it, this, it is best to use the least you need safely, if I give up with the stick, I will more then likely no walk again.