Two sticks

Before I resign myself to permanent wheelchair use I thought I’d try using 2 walking sticks as at the moment I use 1 stick and my wife to keep me upright! I have seen on here that some people do use 2, wondered if anyone can recommend a site/make. Thanks, Steve. Happy Easter!!

The two that I use are both NHS supply following a recommendation from a physio.
The big trick is to get them both set to the same length (or height).
The benefit of two sticks is that you do not lean to one side - placing loads on your shoulder and hip that you really do not want.


Hi Steve, may be best to ask for a visit from physio, as he/she will be able to give the best advice on using sticks. A lot of folk use them at the wrong height and end up with other problems!

Have you heard about FES? It`s a system to keep you walking.

I went into a wheelchair very early on in my journey. Part-time for a few years, but full time now for 9 years. I was having a lot of nasty falls.

Being immobile brings a different set of problems…I still do some toilet transfers, using an etac patient turner. I also use a hoist. My knees dont like standing, but Im still trying....its painful and hard to do.

I hope you manage to get on well with 2 sticks.

luv Pollx

Hi Stevie,are you sick of chocolate yet? I started using a stick when I needed help for balance,and graduated to a three wheel roller when I was trying to go more than 30yards.I still had a bit of ‘beef’ from previous lives when I was on one stick,but after a 30 second trial was exhausted on two sticks.

The decision is entirely yours,but there are Sticks,Rollers,Wheelchairs,Scooters etc and there is nothing wrong with using a combination of aids to suit the situation and how you are feeling.The Fizzios may be the experts,but we are the users.

Be lucky,


Hi Stevie,

I use a wheelchair but like to get round the house on my feet when I can.

I find a rollator is better than sticks for a number of reasons. It is more stable and I find I can get round the house much better with it. My main preference is that it doesn’t clatter to the floor every time I let go to free up my hands. I can also use it to sit on in the kitchen and carry any number of things including cups of coffee on a tray.

WB is quite right – a combination of aids is the way to go. But physio is the place to get the best advice and to try things out. You might like elbow crutches better than sticks. (I use them too now and again!)