Which walking aid?

Hello everyone

As someone whose balance is rapidly deteriorating, I am finding a traditional walking stick is not supporting me in any way and I stumble over one hundred times a day. I am having regular physio but it still isn't working.

I have been thinking about using either two sticks, crutches or a rollator to give me more stability.  Which walking aid works best for you?


I'm in the same situation as you Patricksmate and will be interested in the responses to this topic, I hope you find some that's works for you.

I have been in the samish state for more then 3 years, want I do is every time I move I work out want I need to safely.

Working this way has kept me out of a wheelchair full time. (I use a powerchair as I can not really bend my left arm)

you need to try them all, the physio want you to keep walking unaided. My physio was happy how I have ended up using aids.

Want you need to uses at 9am on a monday morning may not be the same as you need at by 5pm on friday.

2 sticks is very hard and I still get in a mess trying to do it after 2 years. also I have not yet worked out how to use 2 sticks and take a cup of tea to my desk yet, so I normally you my powerchair to get my tea.