Which country treats MS the best?

Hi everyone!

Which country treats MS better and cares more about MS patients? I heard that England is the best. Please tell me which country because I want to take treatment there. My doctor doesn’t understand how I feel and didn’t tell me about MS at all. I really reallyyy need help !

xx Angel

hi angel,

which country are you in?

i live in england, greater manchester, and i think that a lot depends on your neuro and the hospital you’re under.

i’m happy with my treatment at salford royal.

carole x

Mmmm, interesting. I wonder where you are too.


Looking at your profile, I would take a guess that you’re in the USA. I see that you are on Avonex, that’s the same sort of treatment that you would probably have here. I have heard that the USA ( if you are there ) is very knowledgable ( reading USA forums ) on ms but it probably depends on what area you are in. To be honest I think the UK and USA seem quite similar in their approach to treating ms. I know that we have some people on here from Australia, Spain and Portugal. I think the Australian Lady has a user name Brog64, Lady from Spain is Lampuigeira ( I may have spelt these user names wrong ) They can tell you about how good or not so good their experiences are.