Which contraceptive pill? Advise please


I’ve been taking Microgynon on and off for a number of years now. I had break and went back on it 2 months ago. However, I’ve been having constant period pain, even when not due or having a period. So again I’ve stopped taking it and I have an appointment on Monday with the nurse to change it. I have no idea which one? Definately don’t want one that may make put on weight. Advise please. Thanks


Hi I’m in the same boat in terms of wanting to avoid weight gain. I was told because of my age I should opt for mirena coil but have heard some horror stories about that. I’ve heard cerazette doesn’t make you put weight on so might try that one.

Cerazette is good especially if you have heavy or painful periods. Mirena coil is fab though no worries for 5yrs and again good for pain etc A

Just googled Cerazette - as l know my daughter is looking for a pill that does not cause weight gain. On the netdoctor site there are lots of replies from women who have become pregnant on it. So be warned.

I have always been on Cilest. Never had problems with weight gain, and was originally put on it to control my painful and heavy periods as a teenager! Sometimes it’s trial and error with the different types unfortunately, but I’ve had no problems. X

Thanks ladies. Much appreciated


Cerezette is a progesterone only pill POP and can cause the hormonal type side effects of bloating breast tenderness acne etc. as its POP its not as effective at preventing pregnancy as a combined pill COCP. It more important to take it at same time every day and still pregnancy is more likely. For some women pop is only option though eg smoker over 35, obesity, certain types of migraine and more. ,mirena coil excellent as low dose progesterone slowly released-not too bad to get in and lasts 5 years. Nonissue with remembering to take Ivor interactions with antibiotics, vomiting etc. very effective also. Implanon is a bar implanted under arm and lasts 3 years. Again very effective but dose of hormone higher than mirena anymore if the hormonal side effects like weight gain , irregular bleeding and acne. Same goes for depot provera hich is a 3 monthly IM injection. All of the above options are suitable for people in whom combined contraception is contraindicated but there are contraindications to all of them eg ectopic oregnancy, pelvic infections etcso you would need to discuss with docs. COCPs are most commonly used and are very effective if taken well and all instructions followed. The dose of oestrogen and type of progesterone varies in all of them and one ,ay suit one person but not another!! Yasmin and its cousin yasminelle are very popular as are supposed to cause less weight gain and hormonal side effects and may help treat acne and other things. All of these types of pills are associated with blood clots and BP needs to be checked. Others such as micro lite,yasminelle and yaz are also low dose osteogen and are popular. Higher dose osteogen includes Yasmin, logynon, ovranette. Nuva ring is a combined COCP ring that’s inserted and evra is a COCP patch. Loads of options out there… Finally if hormones are an issue copper coil is a good option but it may make periods heavier and it contraindicated in uterine infection… A lot of info I know but hope it helps!!! Excuse any errors I have made or omissions but I have a bit of brain fog at this stage of the week!!! Love Lilly xxx

have you ever had a coil? i had the mirena coil fitted in june and i think it’s fab. microgynon i was certain made me gain weight. periods very light and almost pain free. i still get the increased fatigue and more general aches and pains around that time but i think thats unavoidable for me. xx