Where are they going with this

Hi guys and girls,

Ok so their are plenty of posts from me to say how I am doing so I will start from the end.

Since I have been out of hospital I was fine for maybe a week all bit it in discomfort and now back to how I was with jeely legs only this time my legs spasm and kick out quite violently throughout the day, this has been for the last 3 days.

I recieved another letter for an EMG test on the 11th. I have a VER EEG for the 5th and a follow up with Neuro on the 27th.

I now also have a walking stick I purchased to help me around, the physo terrorist said she didnt want me having aids but I am really not good on my feet and need it for now.

Ive tried to contact my Neuro but her receptionist is away and it says dont leave a message.

Where are they going with this and what should I do? I really dont want to end up back in hospital. (I went to the doctors they gave me ampitriptolin and strong cocodimal type tablets 500mg paracetamol and 30mg codine). but these are not working and they will not give me anything that will intorupt with the above tests.

EMG is a pretty standard test - it’s like VEP/R, but for the body - and a lot of neuros order the two at the same time.

It sounds like you really need meds sooner rather than later so why not try emailing your neuro? Email addresses are often published on hospital websites and you can always start with a “really sorry to be bothering you, but…” before asking what med your GP can safely prescribe. There’s no guarantee that she’ll read it, but it’s worth a try.

Btw, amitriptyline can take a while to work, plus it can take a while to get the right dose. If you’ve been on it for more than a week, ask to up the dose. Cocodamol is uselss for neuropathic pain other than to dope you up if you take a high enough dose. Maybe your GP would be willing to give you something that is short acting so that you can just not take it the days of the tests? That might be something to ask the neuro too.

I hope she answers. (And that it’s actually helpful!)

Karen x

Thanks Karen, Good Idea, I will try and find an email, Left a message on the am for receptionist to call me back.