When you're determined to climb stairs


Like Superman and kryptonite, even the sight of stairs leaves me shuddering.

I wanted to visit Seymour, my former owner. I have missed my role as his servant so I accepted an invitation to tea. It involved steps.

Here’s a short account.

Best wishes.

I can remember a time when stairs weren’t a problem. Now I check for lifts before I go anywhere. Many places of interest, like castles and cathedral crypts or towers, are unvisitable. (I know that’s not a proper word but it describes the situation.) I can manage the stairs at home, but only if I rest at the top. I can use escalators going up, but there’s too much risk of a fall on the downward ones. It may not be too long before we have to get a stairlift installed.

Well done for attempting those steps and succeeding. Please don’t do it again. We don’t want to be reading a blog post written in hospital!


An excellent result , a real victory. A raspberry to the nasty git trying to rule your life. It is always a fine line between dogged determination and stubborn foolishness, and I am only certain which one after one of two possible results.

The sense of achievement is enormous. My own “Kilimanjaro” was the stair to get to the dentist, eventually I changed dentists to one that had a lift. All great until the stupid lift was broken… I asked them to call me once it was repaired.

A good read thanks


My dental practise has two ‘surgeries’ (not sure if that’s the right word), one upstairs, one downstairs. For years now I’ve been seen in the downstairs one, only going upstairs for the occasional X-ray. Now they’ve had an X-ray machine installed downstairs, so I don’t even need to do that.

A female dentist (wife of one of the men, I think) started there a year or so ago. She’s the first dentist to acknowledge that my MS can cause problems with my dental health because it affects my strength and manual dexterity, bless her. She also postponed an appointment when she saw that a pseudo-relapse was causing me difficulties. I wish I’d met her years ago.

They cut me some slack after I showed them how much fun it is for me to floss.

Brushing is OK now I have a fat handled electric toothbrush.


Hello Mick.

Have you tried these?


Hello CD.

In 1986 I climbed the stair to the top of a tower of the Sagrada Familia. (Barcelona)

I’m glad I did but the last time I was in Rochester Cathedral (1998), I struggled to do the ten steps into the crypt.

I used to love Conway Castle. How times change.


Thanks Steve. That is exactly what I use, but it is still not a pretty exercise. The hand & arm that “sort of” work is the non dominant. My MS had a bit of a laugh, I am left handed and the git decided to affect my left side. My, how we chortle. Mick