When you're determined to climb stairs


Like Superman and kryptonite, even the sight of stairs leaves me shuddering.

I wanted to visit Seymour, my former owner. I have missed my role as his servant so I accepted an invitation to tea. It involved steps.

Here’s a short account.

Best wishes.

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Aww Steve , that’s such a lovely blog . I bet you miss him so much . It was worth all of the effort to see seymour in his new home. I’ve done similar my mobility isn’t bad in my own home but outside it’s a nightmare . My brain can’t cope with unfamiliar places , slopes steps and open places without anything to hold on to are deadly. It’s the embarrassment of falling and people seeing me on the floor . Sometimes I think I can do it and then whoops I’m in a heap , but some days I choose to embarrass myself , I’d had to crawl up my friends path because their house isn’t wheelchair friendly , it was embarrassing but really worth it in the end. Michelle and Frazer xx

Hi Steve

Thanks for the blog, thoroughly enjoyed it, as always.

It must have been lovely to see Seymour, well worth the huge effort of doing it, well done you.

Pam x

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