Hello from a murky Crowborough.

Today we are in cloud and the damp fine rain that goes with it.

My late nights have led to a wandering mind. I sit a lot in various places now but whether on my feet or not, I’ve always been a keen observer.

On a completely different subject:

I was visited by a physio yesterday who actually understood. We set out some targets based on me and not what they thought I should be achieving. Obviously I’ll report back over the six week initial course but it was a breath of fresh air.

Best wishes, Steve.


I loved your blog Steve, It made me laugh, Ever since Iv’e needed a wheelchair i watch people and how they walk…I’m usually left in the car if me and Lee make a quick trip to Morrisons and I am fascinated by how old men and women much much older than me manage to push a trolley or carry bags or a small child without falling over…I know it probably sounds stupid, im no longer jealous well not much, but full of curiosity and admiration of the skills i took for granted most of my life. I’m in a much better place than i was a year or two ago I’m actually so excited about getting my new chair from the nhs. Lee’s friend Greg has nearly finished my ramp so not long now…hopefully when it comes in January the ot will sign it off for outside use.

I love Dads army too, when ever i feel down watching dads army will always cheer me up.

Michelle and Frazer xx