when to go to the Dr?

Hi all, I was wondering when do you decide it is time to go to the Dr to get medication? Is it when you first get symptoms or when you feel you cant go on the way you are any longer?

Let me explain …

I was dignosed with SPMS with relapses las year, although i’ve probably had ms for 20 plus years. I still work full time although the last few years found me sitting down alot more and slowing down alot and im thinking now to reduce my hours.
I have foot drop and my walking is also very jerky which affects my back causing pain for which i take over the counter painkillers. Bacofen has been suggested to help with the jerky movements, but do I continue for as long as possible or gotry for these meds to see if I get some relief?

The best solution for drop foot I have found is the ingenious FES and worth asking your GP for a referral. How do I receive treatment? | Odstock Medical Ltd (OML)

A decent physio should be able to find out what is causing the pain and suggest an exercise programme to help.

If the jerking is actually spasms, then magnesium can help ease the problem. You can always move up to the more serious drugs if necessary.

I hope you find some relief soon.

Thankyou, I already use a FES device and have physio. The jerking is through spasms. I will look into magnesium, Thanks

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Hello ACT1

I think it’s worth seeing your doctor and trying out, for eg Baclofen. You can start on a very low dose and see if it helps.

Waiting until you can no longer stand the symptom seems a bit overly brave. Denying yourself a drug that will help your life and in fact maybe make it possible to continue working a bit longer.

I don’t think anyone would think you were ‘giving in’ by taking medication.


Sounds as if you are definitely at the stage to ask the doctor about medication.

I understand not wanting to rush too soon to see a doctor about symptoms, particularly if your gp is one of those that jumps to the prescription pad to get you out of the door or feel they need to prescribe something as an easy option to convince you there are doing something. Getting the balance right between potential benefits v side effects is not always easy, and also whether there are non-drug alternatives such as physio, biofeedback etc which might be effective.

See what your doctor suggests and then decide if you want to try them.

many thanks for your replies. i have just been to see my fes physio and she suggested going to the Dr for a"foot up" referral, so i think i will kill 2 birds with one stone