When Dreams turn to.........


…sorry for this but I’m really fed up*…maybe P1SSED OFF would be a better term…here’s how it goes.*

I’ve needed a Powerchair for about 5 years now and after much scrimping, borrowing and begging*…as you’ll know they’re very expensive…* I was able to order one at the beginning of May with the promise of delivery and FREEDOM “end of May beginning of June” it eventually came last week but the ‘Factory Settings’ for the hand control were far too sensitive/brisk for me…“Oh it’ll calm down with use” I was told, well I spoke to the manufaturers and was told it should have been assessed and altered when delivered!..so I rang the suppliers and informed them…“Oh we don’t have the machine to change it we’ll have to try and get one!”…nearly two weeks now and still waiting…so now I’ve got a lovely Black Powerchair sat in the corner of my livingroom and the mere sight of it is frustrating and upsetting…the promissed freedom as distant as ever!

Sorry again

take care and be good

Sadsack x

one of the benefits of ms is the development of super powers of patience and another is the ability to use creative swearing.

so whilst you may still be developing the first, you can let rip with the second.

i learned creative swearing by watching bottom - rik mayall and ade edmondson really could cus in rhyme.

take care

carole x

I don’t blame you at all for being so frustrated with the lack of appearance of your new chair. I suppose that all you can do is harry them to smitherines, so that they become so totally fed up of your existence that they might do what they claim to be able to do. Failing that you could always whisper a threat that you are going to inform your MP?!? Best of luck with your new chair as you’ve done everything right to get one,


could trading standards help? surely if its been sold to you it should be fit for purpose and it clearly isnt.


Carole, Moira and Zelda…thank you for caring x