When did your relapse reach its peak.

Hello everyone. When did your relapses reach there peak. Was it a sudden waking up with symptoms or was it more of a worsening over days to weeks ? And ide be interested to know what your relapses where ? Thanks Simon

My last relapse in 2014 was like being very unwell no energy weak legs and just wanting to stay in bed.After it had settled down I was left with a very weak right leg and now have to walk with a stick or a walker, I also had to give up driving and fold my business because of it.In all it lasted about 4 weeks.

Hi jak thanks for your reply. Just wondered did your symptoms suddenly come on or did it ramp up over time ?

Anyone else ?

Mine just came on suddenly. We’d walked across town to a few shops and by the time I got back to the car I’d got room spin and felt like I downed half a bottle of scotch. I saw my MS nurse who put me on high dose steroids. They seemed to work well but it was almost a placebo effect, an initial high, followed by a long low. The symptoms started to wear off but I could still tell something wasn’t right until exactly a month and a day after the flare up, I suddenly felt it leave me. That said I can tell it has caused some damage of some sort.

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Thanks for sharing Nester. Must of been scary. Glad the steroids helped

I’ve had 3 biggies in almost 12 years - lucky, I know! - Optic neuritis, my 1st symptom, which came on rather quickly in a couple of hours. I was feeling strange a bit like vertigo so took myself off to bed (unheard of too, in the middle of the day!) when I woke up I had double vision. It took 3 months after steroids to fully recover. My other biggie came on much slower, just as I was recovering from and took 2 weeks to build up before I was admitted to hospital for a two week stay. I was getting ice pick head pains to start with, lasting just 30 seconds. Over the next 2 weeks their intensity grew and other symptoms came into play - while and shortly after the head pains were attacking I couldn’t control the right hand side of my body (spasm) at the same time my speech went. However 10 minutes later I was back to my old self until the next one came along. At the height of the pains, I was getting around 5 a day. Again, I recovered within 3 months. I had another biggish relapse almost 2 years ago which took a couple of weeks to establish itself, similar to the ice pick and spasm relapse but this time it was a wave of sensations rushing upwards from my toes, like a wave on a beach, affecting my walking and 5 mins later I was fine again. I healed quicker this time around 2 months, with the help of iv steroids.

Hi sallum sounds like uve also had a had time. Have you ever had a relapse where new symptoms appeared on the way? Also just wondered if you are having a relapse can you have a gradual decline say for 3 months then start to recover ?

Sorry for the delay, it built itself up over a period of days.

  • I have had a bad flair up this year 2days before Christmas I had the headache from he’ll ,this was what awoke me at 3 am tried to get and I found that my left side would not move,hubby got me up onto my chair gradually was able to feel my left side but my leg wouldn’t move
  • This continued for about 3/4 weeks .I then realized that I had a stormed of a relapse.I was left with the headache,dizzy,no control of my leg,pins and needles.eventually after about 6/7
  • Weeks I found symptoms eased but I have been left with spasms in my arm and my leg sorry to moan but I hope it answers your query…

Hi Rosie thanks for sharing. Must of been really scary. Did it get any worse during the first 3/4 weeks ?

  • Yes spasms were horrific,g p put me on morphine tablets then f e nty nal patches.they eased the pain of the spasms I actually thought my number was up as I really felt terrible
  • After the relapse eased I realised it was my worst to felt like someone had been lying on my left side and Would not move.I didn’t heed the warnings before hand,the vertigo,slurred speech ,numbness…now I’m better so keeping fingers crossed

Not really, it took a week or two for my speech to be affected after my ice pick head pains and spasms started, but I think that was more of a worsening/development of symptoms related to my relapse rather than new symptoms. And I’ve usually bounced back to my pre MS state apart from 2 years ago when my relapse left me with permanent numbness and a has slightly affected walking speed and balance. Sharon x

Yes fingers crossed Rosie. Mine started 4 weeks ago. I woke up and started making the bed. And realised my left arm shoulder was weak. About 20 min later i went to push the pram and could hardly push the pram with my left arm. Then a weak later the right side of my jaw lips and tongue have gone weak. And it seem to be gradually getting worse my arm and jaw. My muscle have gone really tight and stiff espescialy round my shoulder and peck. It’s all getting me down it’s been 4/5 weeks now and it doesn’t seem to be getting any better.

Have you been to your gp or contacted your ms nurse. If it’s a relapse iv steroids should help to speed your recovery.

Hi sallum I’m not diagnosed at the minute Ive got a appointment with the neruo next week. I should of probe gone to the doctor years before but put it off. I’m 27 now and started with ON at 19. Will steroids help the decline ?

My first of three initial relapses was almost 20yrs ago, 4 years after that first one i had a second relapse, the second was like a mini stroke affecting my left side. The third came on very quickly, i was laying in bed and i had a strange feeling in my right lower leg . Within a few hours my right side of my body was ‘dead’, excruciating neuropathic pain too. After steroids i did regain 90% of movement again but not the feeling. The only part of my body that is not semi-numb is the left shoulder and top half of my left arm. Since then iv had no distinct relapses only slow progression, within that progression i have worse days than others. Two years ago i suddenly lost all the power in both arms, it happened as quick as a switch being thrown. After a course of steroids IV regained about 80% strength back.

Hi David thanks for your reply. Safe to say all your relapses where very sudden.

Hi siymon, yes for me they were, within a few hours except the arms problem, which happened, as i say just like a switch .

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