***When could someone laugh at a funeral***Heart shaped nuts***


This would be an acceptable reason to laugh at a funeral…

A very prestigious cardiologist died, and was given a very elaborate funeral by the hospital he worked for most of his life…

A huge heart… covered in flowers stood behind the casket during the service.

Following the eulogy, the heart opened, and the casket rolled inside. The heart then closed, sealing the doctor in the beautiful heart forever.

At that point, one of the mourners just burst into laughter.

When all eyes stared at him, he said, ‘I’m so sorry… I was just thinking of my own funeral…I’m a gynaecologist!’

The priest fainted!..

You are so right Pat - A dear close friend of mine died recently. Her funeral arrangements were all made - then the time had to be changed because it was Pancake Day - and yes - the village have a pancake race up the High Street ending outside of the church.

She would have loved this - and certainly would have been laughing.

My Auntie Mollie insisted that anyone attending her funeral would only get a cup of tea and a digestive biscuit!!! Knowing that most of them would have travelled miles. My mother does not want a funeral at all - she says ‘Give me the flowers now - so l can enjoy them’ - and has left her body to medical research.

l think you hiring professional singers was a brilliant idea. lts at times like this - funerals - carol services - that l wish l could ‘belt it out’

Still giggling at the gynaecologist. Well done Hazel


I don’t know if you remember the two youngsters whose Mum was taken by cancer & I promised her I would look after them before she died…well the close family & ourselves were asked not to wear black, but to dress in jeans & bright colours, it’s what Louise wanted, so we did…some folk gave us curious looks at best, which was understandable and we know for a fact that a couple of people Lou would not have wanted there were gossiping about us. But they didn’t have a clue what they were talking about.

Ann her poor Mum who had flown up from down south to be by her daughters bedside didn’t bring funeral clothes anyway, she didn’t expect Lou to go so soon.

I admit we did squirm a bit because we knew people were looking, but we also knew Lou would be giving us the thumbs up.

We now have a wonderful grandaughter, we spent hours at x-house hospital more than once & poor Robert HAD to be allowed in when Fliss & baby(Hannah) were in trouble, she would not let them near her with anything without him.



My hubby’s wonderful Aunt died recently at a ripe old age. She was described by all who knew and loved her, as “a character”. Anyway we walked into the crem, behind the coffin, at her wishes, to ABBA’s Dancing Queen and exited to a very rousing rendition of a rugby song, sang by the Welsh Male voice choir. We had to stifle giggles !! Xx

So its Hazel the glamourous grannie - You will be allowed to put any joke you like on now - we have to respect our grannies.

Hope mum and baby are doing well. [l have a Hannah]

You can wear purple and suck mint imperials now - well thats what my gran used to do. Oh, and wear an old pinny over the top of your best one. Then when anyone comes to the door - you whip off the old one. My granny used to ‘iron’ my grandads paper before he got home from work - with a flat iron.

Yes, l am jealous - l am ‘granny’ to a English Bull Terrier called Burghley.


My great aunt died two years ago. She had such a great sense of humour and loved to play practical jokes on people. At her funeral as her coffin entered the crematorium on the bottom of the coffin there was a placard hanging with does my bum look big in this painted on it. Nobody could be sad as we were all crying with laughter.

Class, sheer class !!! That story is gonna get repeated so many times !!

I loved reading all those stories, along with many others I’ll bet…fab, just fab.

Thank you for sharing.


Yes we are lucky having our Hannah…

I like purple, it’s a healing colour…I’m off to buy some mint imperials now…