When a friend is getting tested for ms

Hey there! I am 23 and I have been diagnosed with MS last year. I’m fine though I understand this disease can be nasty if untreated. I’m fine though, I’ve struggled with fatigue in the past but besides optic neuritis I didn’t have anything significant. A close friend of mine happened to have optic neuritis too a few days ago, as far as I understand it they found a few lesions (but I’m not sure) so she has to do the lumbar puncture too. Has something like this happened to someone else? It’s so strange to me that this friend might have MS too, I am not sure how to be close to her besides telling her not to worry because even if it’s ms is gonna be fine. Besides this, I’m not sure how to reassure her. I felt depressed for a while after receiving the diagnosis then I got over it and kinda found my own balance. I don’t know how to be close to her, I feel so shocked she might have it too :flushed: I hate this disease :mosquito: can it just leave people alone ahah? So annoying

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Hello there

I think the best thing is to be honest if she asks any questions. You’ve got MS, you are curently doing well but you were depressed about it for a while, so can understand if she feels feels very unsure for a while. And while no two people are the same with MS, having you as a friend who knows something (well, a lot) of what she is currently going through, should be reassuring for her. She may want to talk about it, she may not, but make her aware that if she does want to talk then you are happy to listen. And if she doesn’t want to talk about it, but does want to do other things, well that is also what friends are for too.


I wish we could put neurologist that specialize in MS out of business, and retrain them in another field. Oh, wonder. But I am afraid most of us will not see that day. We can only “be a friend” by supporting them, listen when they have an attack or be there to sit with them and do what they want to do that this illness allows. Depression is a big part of MS. My wife had PPMS and I am a Bi-polar II. It was difficult when both of us were down, but I knew in my case I would eventually go back up. She did not have that luxury. I think you are on the right track. Just don’t give up you need for downtime when it is required. May you both find peace.

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confused how did they diagnose her ON?

gosh i had ON didnt know i had it lol. went blind told it was heat. anyway not about me. normally they dont jump to LP my understanding is MRI so did she have one?

If she has a possibility of MS then you can support her. Reassure her. not everyone has it the same. Its like the subject not discussed in the room, but it is there and you know it. MS can take long time to get diagnosed with. what woud be strange is if she got diagnosed quickly, sometimes i wonder if you get it young you get treated more quickly with it.

I take it your friend knows you have MS its upto her i think to broach the subject if she does THEN perhaps you can reassure her? xx

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Thanks everyone for the answers I really appreciate it. Well I try to be close to her but at the same time I need my space because now she’s going through a phase of high anxiety and concern where every little thing she has she starts crying because she thinks it’s ms. It’s really hard when you get to know you might have it because you start questioning everything about your body and you kinda imagine yourself with some degree of disability in the future, nothing wrong with that just unexpected. I’m luckily not in that phase anymore as I’ve realized this illness is mild for me at the moment and I just need to remember my treatment and listen to my body and it’s gonna be fine. But of course I really emphasize with what she’s going through and I feel so sad for her. And also, yeah she’s done a brain MRI and unfortunately they found lesions on her head too so it’s likely caused by that I mean, they need to do the LP to make sure but I understand that even if the LP is negative it doesn’t certainly mean MS is excluded on the long term. I had the same situation as her, ON, lesions on my head and then I tested positive for the LP and got diagnosed! I consider myself luckily at least I got it to know early but it takes time to get to this point :confounded: I’m kinda new to this crazy world too so let’s see how it goes

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That is one of the good signs, but it could be another problem. She needs more test i.e., blood, lumbar puncture, MFI. I wish you both good luck and God’s blessings. Jim