I have ms which affects my left hand side quiet badly, mainly severe weakness in my arm and leg. I was recently told there are self propelled chairs for 1 hand, but, I am unable to find any. Also I was told of electric chairs which were basically an ordinary chair with a small motor again I can't locate any.

      HELP!!!!!!! Please


Hello Monkey.

Do you mean a one armed drive system?

These can be used for either hand right or left.

Have you considered an electric wheelchair?


i did, the link is very helpful thankyou, i have been considering an electric wheelchair but i need one that can be folded or part dismantled and light enoughto fit in a medium sized car

      thankyou for your help,


Here is portable electric wheelchairs to give you an idea.

You are very welcome monkey.


Thanks again JellyBean, I also found power assist wheels ehat fit onto a manual chair, just scared by the prices lol

      Regards Monkey

Monkey if you have an OT or a physio they maybe able to get one for you free,or have you got an adult social worker?

Another one is some charitible organisations maybe able to get you a free wheelchair.

Ring your doctor they maybe able to help you to.

Or it means giving up your mobility part of your DLA to kind of hire one.

I to looked at prices and was pritty shocked.,


Ive been doing a search and found wheelchair vouchers and help with getting a wheelchair:

Welcome to the wonderful world of wheelchair procurement! The price of electric wheelchairs takes your breach away. I just bought a quickie Rumba and my overdraft will never be the same again. (I’ve got progressive MS and quite frankly I didn’t want to wait until I’d saved up – I’m not happy about being in debt but the freedom is wonderful)

I agree with Charlie that you should approach your area’s wheelchair services via a referral from your GP, OT or adult services but be prepared for stumbling blocks (so to speak). I got an indoor electric chair because I can’t self propel due to weakness but I couldn’t have an indoor/outdoor chair because I don’t need a chair 24/7. Hence I had to buy my own.

My Rumba is supposed to be transportable but you’d need to be Man Mountain to lift it. We’re getting a car with a winch!



Ive just been looking at the C1000 DS,it looks good for me.Especialy in the area I live...

It maybe available on the NHS....

Hi Charlie,

Good luck with getting the NHS to pay for Otto Bock.

I tried a couple of their chairs and loved them but my overdraft wouldn't go that far LOL



I checked the prices etc and thought they were good however they are out of my price range.