Wheelchair sticks and crutches bag.

I have just been searching for a wheelchair bag to hold my crutches and I noticed they were £30-00 upwards gosh thats a lot of money.

My gosh it came to me,I cannot thread a needle due to double vision so I found my needle threader,I cut a slim leg off a pair of jeans.Double stitched the bottom added straps and now I have a FREE crutches holder its also long enough so my crutches do not stick high up over my chair.

I am so inventive and all it cost was a few minutes of my time.


Hi Charlie

Well done you. My hubby fitted some gutter tubes to mine, and that works a treat.

He also has put pink stickers on the wheels etc and on the back it says “girl racer”!!

You go girl.


Fantastic idea.I want pink stickers on my one.

We are inventive…