crutches and shopping

hello all

i have decided to use my crutches as one stick was not giving me enough support. only problem is - where do i put my shopping if both hands are holding crutches??

no point going shopping and not buying anything!!



well sorry to be the bearer of bad news but I went out shopping on my crutches for the first time today.

I’ve been building up to this, and am fine now with the crutches they really stabilise me.

Sadly, just one shopping bag turned the trip into a bit of a horror story. The bag had a handle, but it didnt matter whether I had it over my right crutch (strongest side) or left it really de-stabilised me.

I decided it had been a fab outing…just that the sun was shining and I felt like I was regaining my independance so I headed to the bus stop. As I sat down on the seat (in a row) i didn’t realise I had put my crutch down on the foot of the man next to me.

As I was trying to position myself comfortably on the seat this was obviously causing him some discomfort…

I only realised the problem as a man couldn’t stop giggling. I must admit I was apologising and howling with laughter and mortification…and said that I had not been to the pub on my crutches yet so maybe it was a bad idea.

So the moral of the story is …maybe put your purchases in a rucksack?

I had the best day in 7 months…thanks for giving me an opportunity to share the story.

I cant wait to tell my wonderful physio terrorist tomorrow, as she was insistent they would get me out there…she was right. Just god help the general public.


Rucksack is def the way to go. It’s apparently better for your back and posture as well as being so much easier… Cx