Wheelchair AND crutches

Does anyone use both a wheelchair and crutches and need to have both with you at the same time?

it may sound like a daft question, but I sometimes need both, i.e. The wheelchair to get me somewhere and then once I’m where I need to be I ditch the wheelchair and use the crutches instead.

If anyone else does this, can I ask how you transport your crutches when you’re own your own and in the wheelchair?

A couple of years ago, we had workmen doing work at the house and one of the guys cut a circle out of each of the footplates and glued in a circular cup thing that holds the bottom of the crutch. The top of the crutches then rest against my chest and up and over my shoulders.

I’m getting a new chair in a month or so and the wheelchair services guys looked bemused when I asked them about this.

Any thoughts?


Can you track down the original workman and ask him to do the same again?

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Crutch Holder £4.40 [link removed by moderator]


local workman? handyvan scheme? local college?

it was a local joiner that adapted my chair to my needs/wants.

worth asking ‘out the box’ so to speak!


what about a cup holder, .like you get in cars.

a nice cup of coffee on a cold day!

it’s not all about booze!

Do a search on “crutch holders for wheelchairs” and you will see quite a few options.

I did a google search last week and saw quite a few things but nothing that I was blown away with. Still a few weeks until I get the new chair. Thanks for the replies.

What about two gutter pipes on the back of your chair that can be held on with gutter brackets, then your crutches stand in them.

Pam x

I had a bag which strapped onto the back of the wheelchair. The bag had 2 pockets on the side which held the crutches. There are several examples on Amazon.


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Try Remap- “we solve problems for disabled ppl”. Google them and make contact and explain the sitution, they have engineers and workmen who figure this stuff out.