Wheelchair races

Last night was amazing …I had so much fun . My son Jamie works as a rehabilitation worker in Scotland, he’s recently been sent on a wheelchair course as part of his training. This involved a week of training using a power chair getting on and off buses, in fact every thing that many of us have to do every day. He came home this weekend full of admiration for his mum. Last night I had to go to Morrison’s and he insisted in accompanying me in my old power wheelchair …It’s dropping to bits and his long legs were much to big for the footrest but that didn’t worry him… off we went the half a mile down to Morrison’s with Frazer barking loudly , he was so confused , he kept trying to jump on Jamie’s knee. It was so exhilarating racing down the hill and then around Morrison’s doing the shopping . I felt so much more appreciated and had such a good time. Michelle and Frazer xx


Sounds like you all had a blast.

Nice one Jamie.


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Sounds like you had a lot of fun

Sonia x

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Sounds great Michelle, I would have enjoyed it as well.

Pam x

Your trip sounded amazing i wish I was as brave as you. Ive only been down to our local shops once with my friend and i was scared to death. I live on a steep hill so i am restricted to where i can go.Ive always been scared to do things but now i have little use of my legs im more scared then ever.I also feel i am getting lazy its seems easier to just sit and do nothing and i know i should be moving while i still can, is anyone else like me ? Jo xx


I know exactly what you mean. I am a past “master of inertia” I really do understand how not doing much is a strategy with some attractive benefits. However I have found that it is possible to adjust or recalibrate my goals and targets, to reduce risk / embarrassment / effort. So now I set new goals which still try to maintain the mobility I have but dont worry me. It is all about the balance of being kind to yourself without disappearing under a duvet.

Good luck


Thanks for lovely messages . My disability was rapid from vertigo and wobbly legs for a few years to suddenly getting up one day and losing the lot …I couldn’t stay up right and my legs were jelly . I’ve got some mobility back in my home . At the time I had a 10 year old daughter and also an autistic daughter whom I was the main carer for…it was a steep learning curve …I was so scared , didn’t want anyone seeing me and felt completely useless . I hated being pushed in a manual chair. Then one day when I was persuaded by a good friend who was also disabled to try a power chair at the local shop mobility…as they say the rest was history…I absolutely loved it and then the biggest plus for me was being accepted for an assistance dog…my gorgeous Frazer…there was no looking back after that . I still feel poorly and fatigued so like today …I’ve been asleep on the sofa most of the day , my tiredness is really bad just now , but I’ll pick up again , on Friday I’m of to Chester for the day with my children and there friends . My sister is coming to help so I know I’ll be okay . Michelle and Frazer xx